IGN AU Sony 'Experience More' Event Coverage: 6 Million PS3 Sold Globally, Blu ray Dominates

The Sony Experience More event, Sony Australia's annual consumer electronics trade event, was on again this year in Sydney. Move over, Nintendo - if you want to see a gaming console turned into a mainstream consumer do-all device, you need not look further than today's presentation.

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P4KY B3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

A 16 hour old article says 4.48 million have been shipped.
This says 6 million.

Thats a difference of 1.52 million.
If each PS3 is approx 0.33 of a meter long then that would mean that end to end 1.52 million would stretch for 506km or 312miles.

How can 2 figures who both claim to be accurate be so far apart?

Thanks. It does get confusing when Sold means different things to different people.

achira3739d ago

4.48 mil sold not shipped, 6 mil shipped. thats why.

bee24273739d ago

the article actually says sold not shipped, i dont know what is neccessarily true

TheMART3739d ago



They're being creative with numbers again I guess. They are constantly posting the units they WISH they had sold I bet.

Their goal first was:

6 million sold @ march 2007
then 6 million sold in the fiscal year ending 01-07-2007

They couldn't make it. They ended about 3.5 mln. at the end of June for sure. The temporary price cut in USA for July made a jump of 123%, but the USA sales were under 100k then for 3 months. World wide three months about 200k.

Thus logical thinking gives:

jump of 123% in USA: makes about 223k sold in USA for July. Plus 100k, well lets be very optimistic, also 200k for the rest of the world. Makes 423k sold in July world wide.

3.5 mln. sold at the end of June + 423k sold in July makes? Right. At the most 4 mln.

Sony probably has shipped 4.5 mln. to the end of the fiscal year and a lot extra in July to what 5 mln. or maybe 6mln.

San anto3739d ago

Oh no....i thought we killed you...

kevin11223739d ago

sorry to tell you buddy, it was 6 million shipped by march. And they have sold 4.5 mil now with 6 mil shipped.

Bathyj3739d ago

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla. Bla Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla Bla. Bla?

redmamoth3739d ago

... How I 'ignore' him, I can't find the the button... I'm sick of reading his fanboy rants now...

Chava3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

i have an idea, something that should hopefully improve you're life - get one.


Alvadr3739d ago

But if we ignored him who would we all laugh at and rip sh1t out of.

I dont recall Sony ever forcasting 6mil by Mar07. How can they hope for that figure like that in 4 months of a US release and 15 Days of a Euro release. The Wii only barley managed that and that had a 6 month worldwide release under its belt by that time.

Your posts have more holes then a 20 year old Mini.

Oh and look at MS forecast, the said that this year they would turn a profit from its gaming division.. Uh Oh!

nix3739d ago

you approved this news so that you can comment some sh!t about it. pathetic, i tell ya!

ash_divine3739d ago

Where was theMart when all the good ps3 news was all over the place?
I would've loved to here his take on those things. I guess you don't bother coming to this if you can't sh!t talk, am I right Mr.Mart?

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Sevir043739d ago

and he really cant read other wise he'd have seen this... thats just your typical Fankid.

Daewoodrow3739d ago

The title should be changed to say "shipped", so as not to contradict the article posted earlier that said 4.5 million.

3739d ago
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