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For the past six years, we have had a considerably easier time navigating through many third-person shooters, realizing that all it took was shifting the playable character away from the center of the screen. You can thank Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami for this simple, yet innovative tweak when he made RE4, as this over the shoulder perspective has become the standard that contributed to the successes of everything from Gears of War to Mass Effect to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Mikami-san is now looking to add a bit of speed to the genre with his Cold War-inspired sci-fi action title, Vanquish. Not only did he flatter us with a one-on-one chat last week, but he also granted his first interview of E3 2010.

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Queasy2710d ago

Nice interview. Looking forward to seeing more of Vanquish.

MattyF2710d ago

Mikami is a brilliant developer and visionary for games. I look forward to this release.

Gene2710d ago

Me too marty he is legendary status.