XBOX 360 Medal of Honor Beta Still Scheduled for Today

Last week users who are Battlefield VIPs and have pre-ordered Medal of Honor were given access to the Medal of Honor beta on any console of their choice, except Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version did not go live for some unknown reason. Up to today, Monday, June 21st, the beta has not gone yet gone live.

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lugia 40002895d ago

I mean, there is no fun factor. BFBC2 had those epic sniper moments, but in this game there is nothing to have fun with , besides the constant freezing in the game when you die -_-

Also, they tried to call bungie with stupid adverstisements until their video got shutdown. I have no respect for this company for that and imitating other peoples games without even making them better.

Kamikaze1352895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It's a game; You either have fun with it or you don't. Thanks for sharing your opinion with the gaming community.


You're right and it's very pathetic that they are. They talk about completely irrelevant things like marketing, copy-pasta, etc like it even matters! Game developers want to make their games fun and if you don't enjoy their game then move on. Why can't gamers enjoy games? Why do they feel like what companies do behind closed doors to make games better matters? It's not like they have 100 slaves working on it or anything like that, lol.

waterboy2895d ago

its final fantasy 13 all over again, people that have it or just heard about it trying to ruin it for those looking forward to play it

waterboy2895d ago

and better graphics than that wanna be call of duty killer bad company 2

Alcon Caper2895d ago

Is it better then the Transformers Demo? gah!

evrfighter2895d ago

hmmm thats close actually. If the transformer demo had more customization options unlocked then no it wouldn't have been better.

Alcon Caper2895d ago Forget that, then.

Thanks for the report.

Hallmark Moment2895d ago

But it was cool while exclusive right? Just mess-in.

lugia 40002895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

This is a forum so I can say my opinion about a beta. I see that most of you haven´t seen what EA did to Bungie and Valve.

I see no excitement in anyone to play this. The game is boring. Also, you can get a code with a CC4 beta anyways. It isn´t that special at all.

One disagree? I quit this site. I am a person that has the beta for the PS3 and I am saying my opinion and the following phrase that I said about EA attacking Bungie and Valve is also true, and in fact you can reedem a beta of MOH with a command and conquer 4 beta code. Heck the only thing you guys can agree with me is the bad english.

Kamikaze1352895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Nobody said you couldn't share your opinion =P



People are disagreeing because they don't agree with you. You're allowed to share an opinion, but just because you're allowed to do that doesn't mean people have to agree with you. It's like a're allowed to recommend anal, but that doesn't mean she'll agree to it.

lugia 40002895d ago

Then why are people disagreeing? "This is a forum so I can say my opinion about a beta". Looks like people disagree. Now I can´t give an opinion because people are not supposed to give opinions.

BubbleSystemSuck2895d ago

Looking forward for this game...

Is something like CoD but whit the quality of BadCompany 2

TheColbertinator2895d ago

I like it(Playing PS3 beta) and its very simple yet balanced.However its just bad company 2 all in Afghanistan mainly.Its better than MW2 at least.Careful it crashes often.

polarbear2895d ago

Plays pretty smoothly on the PS3... until it freezes all the damn time

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