3200 Xbox Live Points for $20 at Circuit City this Sunday

Starting this Sunday, July 29, Circuit City will be offering a promotion on all Xbox Live accessories. The promotion: Save $20 with the purchase of any two Xbox Live accessories $19.99 and up. Here's how it works. Over at Circuit City, 1600 Live Points are $19.99. The points cards are considered accessories. So, buy two of them, and, after the $20 discount, the two 1600 points cards will cost you about $20.

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DrRage773957d ago

i doubt we are going to find any of these in stock anywhere...people are going to flock to cc right when it opens sunday morning and all of these will be gone. typically they don't stock many of the points cards to begin with. if i am able to get my hands on a few, then i'll be pretty happy, but i am not gonna hold my breath lol

binard3283957d ago

Shivering Isles for only $20!

THX71683956d ago

There was no mention about it but I am guessing this is in-store only?

BrainDrain3956d ago

I would assume so. If not, I may try and snag some via the online store.

laryforlife3954d ago

i just picked up 4 of them, there was only four left, they didn't even ring up on the register so you have to convince them to give you the sale.

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