Screenshot comparison: NBA Live 08 vs NBA 2K8

With NBA 2K8 releasing its first screenshots, take a look at the side-by-side comparison of NBA Live 08 to 2K8.

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CNIVEK3713d ago

...even if the gameplay isn't as good.

2K games have really fallen behind this gen, and with the laughable All-Pro Football they just released, it doesn't look like they'll be catching up anytime soon.

sticky doja3712d ago

at least with the 2k pick of Baron Davis. That guy looked spot on. Being a Mavericks fan I hate that man and his face will be forever etched in my brain as the reason we were beat in the 1st round.

MannyHarlem1413713d ago

live has the likenesses down pat.. but the gameplay WILL suck.. i'd have to see the number and complexity of the animations and framerates to see what game looks better.. crowds look a little nicer in 2k8

mikeslemonade3712d ago

2K8 visually does everything accurately except the player's face. WHY 2K WHY!? It's like they're give me a reason to buy live. Freaking Chris Paul looks like Devin Harris.

Chava3712d ago

screenshot comparisons

popup3712d ago

I just hate the exaggerations of the differences.

Not being a fan of this sport or having any knowledge on its players, i think both look pretty realistic.

ThaGeNeCySt3712d ago

it's not hard for live to look good when there's nothing else going on.... they even had to darken the stadium just to get the game running at 60 fps where as NBA 2K7/8 has people walking around the stadium.. complete bench reactions... millions of animations and sick AI all running at 60 fps

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