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Skyward Sword art style is so generic

VGArabia: Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise and to this day, Ocarina of Time is still the best experience I have ever had playing a videogame. But truth to be told, Skyward Sword has the worst art style I have had ever seen in a Zelda game. (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii)

immortal84  +   1893d ago
I agree
The art design of the new Zelda game look lame and generic. But I think the game will be great, no doubt about it.
blizzard_cool  +   1893d ago
It's not the design that repels me it's the emptiness of the levels...
AhmadVGArabia  +   1893d ago
@ blizzard_cool
Yes that what I have also mentioned in the article. The game feels empty and lifeless.
Akagi  +   1892d ago
I said it once, I'll say it again.

It looks like an elaborate collective of mini-games.
3sq  +   1893d ago
Twilight Princess looks so much better despite it was original made for Gamecube.
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DelbertGrady  +   1893d ago
Not to mention Wind Waker which looks better than both.
snp  +   1892d ago
Agree. Wind Waker is massively underrated. A stunner.
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hardeep  +   1893d ago
You must have never played a Zelda game, have you seen the art style of the original games they have always been colorful, the art style of the game stays true to the roots of the series.
hatchimatchi  +   1892d ago
being colorful and looking downright stupid are completely different things.
oricon  +   1892d ago
The game does not look stupid if thats what you are implying.
Nike  +   1893d ago
Here we go again.

The art style is the worst the author has ever seen in a Zelda game? I doubt he's seen the CDi Zelda games. And his main point of contention is lame - tons of people stated that Wind Waker had a bad art style, and it turned out to be one of the best titles for the Gamecube, one of the best Zelda games and one of the best games of it's generation. Nit picking on Zelda is a fruitless effort, and for his limited understanding of video game aesthetics, ridiculous.

Edit: "Wind Waker has a unique look; what's so unique about Skyward Sword?"

That's like saying "The Minish Cap has the same look as Wind Waker, so what makes it so unique?" Or saying that "Killzone 3 looks like Killzone 2 with snow, so what makes it so unique?" Useless nitpicking and arguments. The game looks good and it's uniqueness lies in it's gameplay and control scheme. That's all that should matter, not that it's "so generic" (in comparison to what, exactly?).
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AhmadVGArabia  +   1893d ago
@ Nike
I said that the game will be great, but do you really like the art style? Go read the forums and see what gamers are saying. Kotaku and gametrailers said also that the art style doesn't look good and in general the game look generic.

Kotaku: As you can see the graphics are okay, but not overwhelmingly impressive. This style of quasi-realism does not look great on the aging Wii hardware.


Also go and listen to the latest invincible walls episode on gt, they don't like the art style. VGArabia isn't the only website to say this. I'm only sharing my honest opinion.
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Nike  +   1893d ago
So should I report your story as duplicate, if you're just going to fall back on other's opinions and not provide your own substantial argument? I'm not concerned with what other gamers think in terms of "graphics" or whether a style suits my tastes or not. If I was, I would never have given games like Wind Waker and Killer 7 a try.

You seem to be doing little more than pandering for hits with your "article".
AhmadVGArabia  +   1893d ago
@ Nike
I finished Killer 7, Wind Waker and Okami and I like the type of games that have a unique and beautiful artistic design over technically advanced looking games. You are getting me wrong. The moment I saw Skyward Sword, I felt that the art style is underwhelming. Then I started to see if there are more gamers feeling the same way as I did. I found a lot. This is purely my opinion.

I mentioned in my article that I liked the art style of Wind Waker and every Zelda game, but Skyward Sword art style is generic.
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AhmadVGArabia  +   1893d ago
@ Nike
One more thing: You have reported the story with three different reports. That shows that you have something against the site and that also show that N4G reporting system is broken. A contributor should only report a story only one time. Nike your reports are baseless and lame.
zireno  +   1892d ago
chill dude, you are taking things too seriously :) it's just his opinion and you don't have to hold a grudge against him and submit reports just because he has a different opinion than yours. I loooove zelda games, it is by far my favorite franchise but I have to admit that the art style is underwhelming for me, and like a lot of people are saying it looks empty, in the end I know it will be an awesome game and I will play the crap out of it but I'm not digging the looks as of right now, I hope it manages to change my mind so I can enjoy it even more :)!!
forcefullpower  +   1893d ago
I think Nike is right. You are just fowarding two different sites opinions. This game has probably got another 1 year development to go still.

As you say its your opinion yet you have to throw in different sites to backup your claim. If you think that it is generic then stand by your own comments not others.

So basically what you are saying is that your site is not worth going to as you just agree with two other major site. There you go folk do not go to this site as he himself thinks that game trailers and kotaku have better stories than him
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immortal84  +   1893d ago
The author is sharing his opinion
and he mentioned kotaku and GT to prove that he isn't the only one to say so about the new zelda. What's wrong about that? I think most people didn't even read the article. Grow up gamers.
alaa  +   1893d ago
The game feels like the previous one, maybe with a couple of extra stuff, but I wanted a darker Zelda!
anyway lets see..
SpoonyRedMage  +   1893d ago
WTF? How can it look generic if no other other game has used that art style?... what a load of crap.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1893d ago
Perhaps the author is simply stating that it's set in an uninspired, lifeless environment?

I think that's it.
OlvaR  +   1893d ago
have a look at the high quality screens so you can admire the art style of skyward sword...just have a look at how distand objects and stuff draw themselfs like brush strokes.
how can you frikkin say zelda looks generic for gods sake! i can name you at least 20 games that where announced this year that look like others. but can i say the same for zelda?! no frikkin no....ppl getting more stupid every day here

if you think even for a second that zelda is generic then game industry is doomed...show some respect for games like this.

also, should i point out that we had the same exact reactions with wind waker?..
and you can see how it turned out...pretty much awesome
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Aphe  +   1893d ago
I'll reserve judgement until the game is actually released. Until then it's just a work in progress.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1893d ago
He's right.

Twilight Princess...despite stealing EVERY Capcom idea...felt like a world you could get into.

This one seems...boring. The enemies are static. How does Zelda get a break? The enemies in Killzone begged you not to kill them if you got them on the ground. The enemies in Okami had varied attack patterns...all of them.

Zelda gets away with so much because it's Zelda.
KruLLit  +   1892d ago
Why don't you play some Zelda before you comment on this...

I can't name you one Zelda that's been bad and I have almost played everyone of them. Zelda is much more than just a name. Name one game that is on par with Zelda in gameplay, puzzles etc.
eagle21  +   1892d ago
Leon S Fail again?

I rather play Zelda than any game out here (not made by Nintendo). I am serious as a heart attack. This game will have better motion than ANY Sony game coming this year or next. Ground battle's in Zelda takes managing health but it's the dungeons and bosses that put up the real challenge in ZELDA. So go play Killzone because Zelda doesn't even need to look at that game for inspiration. This is not an FPS or a Warzone. This is fantasy. :)
Jeff-Ryan  +   1893d ago
I have to agree
Skyword Sword graphics look pretty OK. Windwaker beats it easily.
Corrwin  +   1892d ago
Video Game Journalism is so Generic

One question I have to the idiots who call certain games Generic is: "Assuming you actually know what the word 'generic' means, how else would you expect the game to look?"

If every game looked like Wind Waker or Okamii, then they too would become generic.
Dylantalon1  +   1892d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
wii fans are so funny. all wii games are disappointing to me. all wii games look like ps2 games so why do gamers buy it? i have a wii and it's as disappointing as my virtua boy. wii fans have been waiting for some core games for a while and after 2 years they will be getting a few. i wonder how long they have to wait again after zelda and metroid is released?
Titanz  +   1892d ago
*Facepalm* xd
The demo-ing of SS at E3 2010 was probably in beta form.There's "No way in h*ll" SS will look as "bland" or "generic" as you say it is when its gets released.

Expect the game to look 2-3x as nice as it did at E3 when it comes out next year.
cygnuszero  +   1892d ago
I wish they came up with something new, but oh well.
hatchimatchi  +   1892d ago
I'm really looking forward to playing 'skyward sword' but I have to agree that yes, the art style looks generic and downright ugly to me. Not to mention that 'Skyward Sword' is a pretty lousy title.
josh14399  +   1892d ago
i wish they would just go back to windwaker graphics they were awesome
Meryl  +   1892d ago
actually i like the art style and i think it's growing on me, i dunno why people have to make hating threads, there are still people out there that will still love the new zelda despite the changes made.
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pcz  +   1892d ago
mayamoto says the art is inspired by impressionist art. how? there is nothing about those graphics that make me think of impressionists artwork. it would be amazing if it did look impressionistic, but it doesn't. it just looks like mario galaxy graphics.

lets be honest, when we all envisioned zelda wii, this wasn't what was in our imagination. this just sucks. its almost as if they couldnt be bothered.

nintendo said recently that monster hunter tri would be a benchmark for graphics that they wanted to beat with this zelda. looks like they gave up on that ambition then.

i think they just want to make the game casual friendly, hence the cutesy cutesy graphics that aren't too far removed from wii sport resort. tut it needs too be more moody. we have mario galaxy, and all those other cute games, zelda should be a more grown up game, that should be reflected in its art style.
akashifire  +   1892d ago
They didn't get lazy. Adopting the style they adopted for SS actually made the development of the game longer than it would if they used the style in TP.

Cute games? lol. You'll miss out on a lot if you're too busy focusing on the art style of games.
SegaAges  +   1892d ago
All we really saw of the game was a quick tech demo of the controls and a few environments from a montage, so far I like the idea of the visuals being grounded in Impressionist art. You shouldn't judge the game or art style until the its fully released. Then you can complain; just sayin'.
tunaks1  +   1892d ago
i know where are the brown colors? Sheesh how dare they remember the rest of the color spectrum.
Wait a min I'm having dajevu I should watch and read the reaction to WWs art style...
eagle21  +   1892d ago
Generic is brown rocks, clothes, grass and throwing the same brown color on any object that wll take it. This article has no merit. This demo takes place in the "Skyloft" and Miyamoto said this was a DEMO with the HUD not being finished. This is not Hyrule or the place where link goes after he leaves the "Skyloft". Don't even get me started on generic art styles...lol. :)
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Jason143  +   1891d ago
CDi wow good call. Had that wayyyy back in school. @ 1st post. Zelda could be in black and white for all I care, its the wii we know were getting solid gameplay. I think griping about art style or gfx about a wii game is over the top. Save that for the xbox section imo. For those who mentioned windwaker, I agree and just ordered ye old little disc online. Forgot how good it looked.

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