Xbox 360 Slim: Microsoft To Reduce Warranty Period

Microsoft will reduce the warranty period of the new Xbox 360 Slim, because the new model got a complete new hardware re-design.

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adamx2922d ago Show
Roper3162922d ago

hope that works out for them.

BeaArthur2922d ago

Yeah, they don't even send you a box anymore when you're console breaks. You have to provide your own box. I have an idea on how to make more money...start making a more reliable product.

ElementX2922d ago

Who's to say the 360S isn't reliable? Just a sketchy photograph and a lame YouTube video with a super loud fan in the background, so loud it couldn't possibly come from the 360S? I own the 360S, I used to own a launch 360. The fan noise in the youtube video sounds like a launch console.

Shadow Flare2922d ago

BeaArthur, i'd imagine the reason they dont send you boxes anymore is because they need the cardboard for the consoles themselves

Independent_Charles2922d ago

so they have gone to the sony style of warrenty. lol im gonna get flamed for that one.

BrokenAnarchy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

If the old 360 didn't have such a horrible failure rate it would have always had a 1 year warranty.

Wrathman2922d ago

i dont know why you would.but you will.even though wot you say is 100% rather have my xbox break than my ps3.tho its a wonder it hasnt.shoddy blu-ray drives and YLOD.costs 125£ to replace.

PCnPS3Gamer2922d ago

haha i bet you by christmas there will be a 3 year warranty for the xbox 360 slim....

last time i checked they didnt put ps3 hardware into a 360 slim case, so im pretty sure ms should just save themselves the extra trouble down the road and just keep it im sorry but i love my windows 7 but you clearly suck at making advise keep the 3 yr warranty..don't try to kid yourselves....

Kick-Ass2922d ago

Yes they do. They sent me one last month.

Elimin82922d ago

LMAO.. Man, that was a low blow... Lethal and Illegal.

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morkendo2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

provide GROD (green ring of death) pretty soon thats why warrenty is short.... MS need your money FASTER. we all witness online the vid if u tilt it it'll scratch the shit out of ur game disc. thats stage one.

logikil2922d ago

Seriously, who the hell moves there console while there is a game in it?? If you do and it scratches the crap out of your disc, can't say I feel sorry for you because its a stupid thing to do.

madmonkey02922d ago

it may be a stupid thing to do, but no other console eats the disc if moved, it truly is like a garbage disposal machine.

andrewsqual2922d ago

True. Try moving a PS2 with a game in it and I can guarantee you will not have a game that looks like a scriber was took to it with multiple revolutions lol

InFAMOUS12922d ago

what Microsoft fails to realize is that they are not hardware manufactures. They are SOFTWARE. They should actually work on becoming an EA/Activision type of company. Flex their muscles and just MAKE games not consoles. Activision does just fine @ the stocks and M$ could become one of the largest publisher in 10 years. Let Sony,Nintendo and maybe Sega battle it out..

tyrex2922d ago

But microsoft wouldn't wont to miss all the money they make on their on proprietary accessories, and services(xbox live). they would also lose all the license fees that other publishers give them to have games on their system. and the money for all the ads on the dashboard.

InFAMOUS12922d ago

Well I will say to that is look at Activision. M$ could still make money online. Gamers love games, therefore they will PAY to play them. M$ could simply set up dedicated servers for their games and do something what Valve is doing with Steam on PS3 for Portal2. They basically offer the people that buy their games a unique online experience they will win from software sales. Not to mention the fact that M$ pretty much invented the idea of paid DLC, so they will make tons of money there. They are just simply not a hardware maker. They never have been. Software and the machines that run it are 2 very different beasts, and so far every piece of hardware M$ has made has either fizzled in consumer interest, broke, or cost them too much money. Windows however has made them enough money to do what ever the hell they want, as long as they don't monopolize.

andrewsqual2922d ago

But they aren't. Sony is the one with all the big development studios. So Microsoft should just do software with Rare and Turn 10. Here is something to think about. If Microsoft had have bought Rockstar San Diego back in the day, before they became huge, when they made the Midtown Madness games that is, that would be a hell of a studio to own.

BeOneWithTheGun2921d ago

is beyond me. Just buy the unit from Best Buy and for $30.00 you get a 2 year INSTANT replacement plan. All you do is bring it in, say it's not working and they send you to the isle to pick up a new one.

Hell, every time a new PS3 bundle comes out I take my old one in say it's freezing up and grab the new bundle. Got the Uncharted one that way, the Metal Gear, Infamous/Killzone 2....

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MGRogue20172922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah... Thanks Microsoft! Just what I wanted. Doing that really helps me with knowing that the console is going to last me for a very long time. :)


Cernunnos2922d ago Show
xCaptainAmazing2922d ago

Just get an in-store warranty. It kind of sucks, but at the same time 1 year is the standard. They seem to be confident in their hardware, but personally I don't think I'll trust them again this generation. I'm going to get one, but will probably pick up an additional warranty.

xCaptainAmazing2922d ago

I thought it was pretty fair.

cjflora2922d ago

I think the disagrees are for the attitude you have about saying "oh well" to buying something you don't think will hold up.

TheOrion2922d ago

Actually if anything the lack of any warranty just shows a lack of confidence on their hardware's reliability. But then its a new design so they are within their rights to go back to the standard 1 year warranty.

It just remains to be seen whether history repeats itself.

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