Deadly Premonition European Release Denied

Over this past weekend, rumours have begun spreading about the possibility of a European release for Deadly Premonition, published by Ignition Entertainment in North America. A budget title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that received a great deal of consumer support upon it’s release in North America earlier this year, despite being almost universally panned by critics, Deadly Premonition is a Survival Horror title that has readily been compared to the absurdly unique television series, Twin Peaks.

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N4GAddict3099d ago

Deadly Premonition is actually pretty good

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33099d ago

Lol, it makes me wonder if Jim Sterling, single handedly made this game a hit.

XxRoosterxX3099d ago

I would say Giant Bomb's dueling Endurance Runs also helped with its now cult-like following.

Blitzkid3099d ago

That was what i thought first when i saw the headline :)

mathsman3099d ago

I thought this looked worth a bash! If it came with a budget price like £19.99 or something I'd probably pick it up.

ian723099d ago

I would probably pick up this game for £20.

Tomdc3099d ago

id pick it up for 40 quid. I watched some of the endurance run and it looks like a right laugh

ElementX3099d ago

Reviews state this game sucks ass. Is it any good? I saw it here in the States but I was skeptical...

BYE3099d ago

It sucks and is good at the same time. Hard to explain.

Watch some cutscenes on Youtube, if you like the humour, you might wanna check the game out.

Rocket Sauce3099d ago

I honestly doubt most reviewers played it for more than 10 minutes. Deadly Premonition is legendary. If you ever liked some of the old, crazy as hell Dreamcast games, I bet you'd like this.

But don't take my word for it either. It's a 20 dollar game, and you can probably find it for even cheaper, so it's no big loss if you buy it and hate it.

JonDiskonected3099d ago

why is this also posted on the ps3 section of the aint on ps3???

Hellsvacancy3099d ago

It sucks man, im "so jealous"

Incognegro3099d ago

It's only on xbox in the US. But it was made on PS3 as well in Japan.

Arnon3099d ago

It's VERY good. The idiots above only concern themselves with the "highly respected" reviewers of the gaming world. Every site across the board has positive reviews for this game for player reviews. And no, they're not fanboys. There's nothing in this game to be a fanboy about.

The game is a cult classic, with some of the most absurd dialog and characters ever seen in a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.