Sony's E3 Conclusion Trailer Song

The popular "Me-o Me-o Me-o Me-o" song of the Sony E3 montage Trailer is here to download for your enjoyment.

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Marona3886d ago

Bub+ thanks, kinda catchy though, I like it.

MK_Red3886d ago

Bless you, thanks for the link. I really like the song.

MannyHarlem1413887d ago

yea, now i can blast that and upset my xbot of a brother.. who laughed at the montage lolz

sadiq3887d ago

man wat si that song...

the_round_peg3887d ago

Not another one. N4G is having a meltdown. It's being filled with junks.

ShiftyLookingCow3886d ago

it will become better once the games and their reviews start coming, I probably approved some junk myself but in the future I am going to look out for them.

LeonSKennedy4Life3887d ago

It will play when I turn on my computer.