GWN Review Super Stardust HD

GWN recently did an in-depth of review of Super Stardust HD, and dubbed it the "must-own PSN title of the year"!

"Super Stardust HD has everything a good arcade game needs and more. Fun to play, co-op, online leaderboards, excellent graphics and enough playtime to make it worth the money spent on it. At $9.99, it is worth every penny.

Like any good arcade game, there is no story. There is simply an objective, in this case to keep the planet clear of asteroids and baddies. Controls are exactly like GeoWars, with a few additions. L1 & R1 changes the type of gun in use, L2 activates what I like to call "ramming speed" and R2 detonates a bomb."

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PoopsMagee3796d ago

Interesting, this was the final push that got me to purchase this game, and yes, its very fun.

Lord Anubis3796d ago

alright, my score is 22million try to beat it.

Bordel_19003796d ago

Super Stardust HD is incredibly addictive, and yeah, it's a must buy.

My score's only 20M btw.

Meus Renaissance3795d ago

I just got it and mine is 5million lol

Silvanos3795d ago

I don't know how the guys in the lead get those scores it's crazy.