Does The Extended Resident Evil 5 Trailer Answer The Questions We're Dying To Know? breaks apart the extended Resident Evil 5 trailer piece by piece in order to hopefully provide some answers.

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Vagrant_13652d ago

Im very excited about this game

MADGameR3652d ago

Chris Redfield is the main character! Wesker,Jill,Billy Coen, Sadler,Steve Burnside,Ada and more will ALL be there!

Kleptic3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

if they bring them all back, they better be just as bad acting wise as before...
"what?...what is this?"
"what is it?"
"blood...I hope this IS not chris's blood.."
"you were almost a Jill Sandwich..."


"But...Wesker is a CRAZY man!"

oh man Barry was awesome...

Fighter3652d ago

If that trailer showed real in-game action then I'm sold. The setting and the gameplay looked phenomenal on my HDTV. Too bad it's coming out in 2008. I really want it now. I hope Capcom gives me a true PS3 version and not a port of you know who. I'd probably still buy it like I'm going to buy GTA 4.

Trick Nolte3652d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on this title. It looks really good and it already has a unique sound and ambiance. My bro was watching the new trailer and i was half asleep on the couch but i knew it was RE5 even without seeing it. I had to wake up and check it out. RE4 was fire so I'm sure we wont be let down with this jewel. Hurry 2008!

Marona3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Is that.... Alice at the end? :S Or is that Jill... or is that you... or...

PS360WII3651d ago

It looks like the mobs are even bigger than the last and even more encompasing. Heck I was just watching the trailer and I was at the edge of my seat!

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