More and More Women Getting Hooked on Video Games: Females are Exploding Segment of Gaming Population

More women age 34 to 55 play casual games than teenage boys and young men play on consoles, according to statistics of the International Gaming Developers Association.

Women now dominate the casual games market, (think DS and Wii,) and video game publishers are in a race to capture the growing female market share, which favors simple, easy, non-violent and non-confrontational games that appeal to more feminine taste.

By Leslie Sykes, ABC News, on July 25, 2007.

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mikeslemonade3796d ago

I can't imagine a teenage boy going through a week without playing a game. Cellphone, internet, ipod, and game console.

Itachi3796d ago

It must have something to do with that wii-mote and rumble LOL

ShiftyLookingCow3796d ago

I read this in the front page "Females are Exploding..." LMAO, something went very wrong

Fighter3796d ago

Congratulations and thanks, Nintendo. You sold me out and left me to make games for my Mom, my Sister and my gay cousin Brucey. Yes, that's what we call him.

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