Microsoft's Xbox Live Is Making Boatloads Of Money On Virtual Goods

Oliver Chiang is a contributor in the Silicon Valley bureau of Forbes.

Zynga has made a splash with hit Facebook games like "FarmVille" making boatloads of money primarily through sales of virtual goods. But in this new virtual gold rush, a more traditional competitor has been overlooked by many: the videogame console.

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dangert123074d ago

my friends get me angry when it comes to this one was telling me his brought his avatar to pairs of shoes 1 shirt 3 jackets and two pairs of trouser , that could of got atleast one arcade game or a few indie games

captain-obvious3074d ago

what a waste of money
even on PS HOME I know some PPL that do the same thing you've just said

Wrathman3074d ago

the difference between HOME and the xbox avatars..people/friends get to see your avatar on xbox.i dont need to log onto home to see the stupid way you dressed your avatar.check your friends list on the NXE.and there you are..stupid you win clothing.

dangert123074d ago

yeah if microsofts avatar wearnt so in your face and was tucked away like the ps3 i doubt they would sell so much stuff but this artcal is about digital media aswel but i would like to know how much they make on avatar items alone

fooltheman3074d ago

Home is making budloads of money too...
You can do something in Home with your avatar...

hmmmm3074d ago

The earthworm jim outift you get for passing a lvl is pretty awesome, you should look it up!

Fanb0y3074d ago

This explains why Microsoft isn't worried about first-party exclusives. Who needs 'em? They have steady income from virtual goods, and more from LIVE subscriptions.

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HarryM3074d ago

Waste of money if you ask me.

djsean3074d ago

The whole avatar thing is just ridiculous. Wii offer it for free, I dunno how people get tricked into buying more items for it.

I say good on microsoft, they know people are stupid, and they capitalize on that.

Pootangpie3074d ago

let me tell you what a bigger waste is PS home for taking 5 years in development only to end up sucking don't care if it's beta probably will only stay that way

Fishy Fingers3074d ago

I buy the console, games and the odd bit of DLC, but that's it, avatar gear, themes and all that stuff doesn't interest me, just seems like a waste. Unless it directly benefits or adds to actual games I see no need.

Aphe3074d ago

Same here. I will never buy a virtual piece of clothing, or anything for my virtual apartment.

hamoor3074d ago

its not as bad as paying for what ACTUALLY IN THE GAME ITSELF!!!!
but yeah,avatar clothes and paid wallpapers,characters skins,etc. is just a waste of money

3074d ago
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