TechGear: All conventional wisdom about gaming is wrong

Hardcore gamers are a niche. Soccer moms are the mainstream.

The convention wisdom is that the gaming industry is dominated by teenage boys playing violent first-person shooter games on near-supercomputer gaming consoles. The conventional wisdom is wrong, as revealed by new sale figures and market trend.

As a group, casual gamers (who are mostly women between the age of 34 and 55) buy and play more games than all hardcore gamers (who are mostly males in the teen and young adult categories) combined.

A brave new world of gaming is here, and it does not belong to teenage boys, young men or hardcore gamers. It is dominated by adults - mostly females - in search of easy, fun, casual games.

Article by Mike Elgan, ComputerWorld TechGear, on July 26, 2007.

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Caxtus7503919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

AS long as both survive and the industry takes both into account im happy.

I do have a nasty feeling that companies will start catering more and more for the casual and less and less for us as that is where the money is. If that does happen...i dont even want to think about it.

No more RPGS? FPS? GOOD games? Just SUdoku and Brain Training? That really is worst case scenario and weirdly, i do see it coming. Amazon UK for instance has it's top 10 video game charts FILLEd with soley nintendo and has been for ages. Granted the Ps3 is in it now which is a relief. Just hope its a motherly fad lol.

Dont get me wrong, its cool my mum likes DS, just dont get rid of our games too!

Zhuk3919d ago

I really think that the whole 'casual gaming' thing has been exagerrated, I mean the games that are innovative and well designed are fun but they arent usually that deep and the fact is that just because your a 'casual gamer' doesnt mean you want to be playing wiisports or board games all the time, sometimes you want to be able to play other things too with more depth.

i'm sure Solitaire on Windows is probably the most played game in the world but it doesnt mean that it somehow 'dominates' over something like Gran Turismo.

the_round_peg3919d ago

It's also about common sense.

Casual gamers simply outnumber hardcore gamers many, many times.

Sure, you have maybe about 8-10 million really hardcore gamers in America.

But there are about AT LEAST five times more casual gamers. Their sheer number overwhelms hardcore gamers.

Merovee3918d ago

But How much do us hard core gamers spend a year on gaming Vs. the casuals? On a one two one basis We "hardcore-gamers" tend to spen between 5 and 10 times as much as any casual gamer will.

Need examples? In the last 2 years I have bought, An xbox 360- $650 with additions, a Wii- $350 with additions, a PS3- $850 with additions, A new computer- $4000, upgraded to new SLI'd video cards $1200, and a PSP- $220 and that's just hardware, I also have 7 360 games, 11 PS3 games, 6 PSP games, 9 PS2 games and 3 Wii games NOT COUNTING DDL games or PC games and my MMO expansions! Add to that my $50 a month for me and my wifes MMOs. I also bought a new TV, and I don't watch TV, just movies and games.... mostly the latter.

When 1/10th of the market is doing 1/2 of the spending in your market, you had damn well better suck up to those people. Would you give up Ninja Gaiden, R:FoM, Halo, Gears, MGS, FF, and all the others just to play more versions of Mario Party or some "kart" racer? I bet not.

Ares843919d ago

The mainstream videogamer is woman between the age of 34-55??? Are you jokeing??? I think there must be something wrong with that study.
Don't tell me that a "soccer mom" spends more money on videogames than I do.I have a $600 PS3 with 18 games 4 joysticks and 35blu-ray movies so far and I also got a $5000 HD-TV just for gameing. That's about $7970 in 10 months. Are you telling me that a "soccer mom" spends more than this amount on videogames. Are you mad???
First off if it's true than it's just too bad for gameing as we know it. The problem is the Wii in general...because these 34-55year old people buy the Wii because they don't know crap about videogames at all. They where just WOW-ed by the motion controls of the Wii..but the Wii grapichvise is just like me PS2...not better at all! And yea...I palyed with the Wii...alot!!(My sisters bf has it) If the Wii and the likes are gonna be mainstream and all the developers will focuse on it than we will have a sad gaming future. I will be done with gaming if consoles like the Wii will be the only ones on the market.
These people seem to forget that we (hardcore gamers) made the gaming industry to be what it is today. Without us...they would be nowhere. And how they bacisally f*ck us like this...with the Wii. More Wii sports anyone??? Wii Fit??? These are the groundbraking games??? These are a joke...these are not video games.
It would be nice if these businessman would relise that it's us the hardcore gamers made this industry to be what it is.
They have to know that.
As soon as Sony & Microsoft will stop makeing consoles I'm done with gaming!!
I won't ever tuch a pice of crap like the Wii. These "soccer moms" are ruening everything we gamers like. It's just sad!!It wil be sad when all the games out there would be like the Sims or Mario or Zelda or Metroid...that's all Nintendo has. Mario over and over and over and over and over and over again....Mario should just drop dead already.
It's sad that they can't look past the pricetag and see what the PS3 and Xbox really offers.
Especially the PS3...the cheapest blu-ray player on the planet.
I you people want to be stuck with the DVD forever?? Can any change occure??
Because I truly love blu-ray movies in 1080p. I don't want to go back in time and buy DVD's...I'm sorry but DVD is outdated, it's the past! Get over it!
HD-TV's are not that expesive anymore either(if anyone wanna complain about it, just go and get a job! I'm 23 and brought my on HD-TV for $5000)...and they are cheaper by the day. Also if you wanna buy a are probably buy that TV for the next 10-11 years. Isin't that so? Unless you are crazy about new stuff..than for 5years. So it's not that expensive anymore if you look at it this way. All I'm saying is we have to move on, if there is a better product and we can get it than why not save some more money and get the better product? I don't get it.
Anyways...this just goes to show that the general public is so ignorant and holds back progress because they don't even know what they are doing and they chooseing poor products because of it's price.
Just sad!! And if you are wondering...I'm 23years old and been playing videogames since 5.

the_round_peg3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

It's also about common sense.

Casual gamers simply outnumber hardcore gamers many, many times.

Sure, you have maybe about 8-10 million really hardcore gamers in America.

But there are about AT LEAST five times more casual gamers. That's about 50 millions. Their sheer number overwhelms hardcore gamers.

Even if each casual gamers do not play as much games as hardcore gamers do, their number does add up.

PS360WII3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Well it's hardly a poor product because it's cheap. It's actually really reliable and well managed machine. Sure you yourself have spent 7k in ten months but you are one person and these are compiled numbers. So you have spent 7k and some other hardcore gamer only spent $500 in the same time frame. That'll shoot the average way down. The soccer moms sure won't spent 7k in ten months but by the rule of large numbers will still represent a heck of a lot of revenue just by the amount of people in that category.
Wii is not the end of gaming but more of a new line in the ever growing timeline. It dosn't need the 1080p nor the ability to play movies on it. All soccer moms have movie players and are very contempt with the screen they look at everyday. They just want something they can play with their kids or just for themselves.
The developers will in no way stop making fps and rpgs but they will also make smaller games for the new ushered in crowd. With the new elements being brought into gaming this can only spell good times for the hardcore for we are going to see new elements in old games and new ideas are going to become the norm once again. Hardly a bad thing

Ares843919d ago

...hardcore gamers are basicaly can shut up hand watch as Nintendo and the likes destroy gameign as we know it because they "taped" into a "new market" (casuals)??
Either way the gaming industry still rely on us.
Can you imagine if hardcores sudenly just stoped buying games?
The whole gaming industry will colapse.

Ares843919d ago

The Wii is a poor can't even play DVD's (DVD's are outdated)
I rest my case!

PS360WII3919d ago

If you rest your case the jury is going to side on my story unfortunatly. DVD playback is not a need on a gaming platform at all. End of discussion. If it playes games without breaking and goes online without fritzing out. Nintendo is known (yes known) for making products that stand the test of time. My NES, SNES, N64, heck even GC are all from when I first bought them. I have had 2 different ps1, and 3 ps2s (but the 3rd one was for a different room ^^) and had 2 original xboxes. Still on my first 360 but I have to turn it off and on a few times for it to get to the menu. Also I'm still on my first Wii and PS3. But once again just because the Wii is a better price then the 360 and PS3 does NOT make is a poor product and if you use DVD playback as your case then I say why aren't you using your multiple standalone, ps2, xbox, 360, or PC to play your silly movies? I know I use my standalone becuase using your game machine only makes the drive shelf life go lower and lower. You're effectivly killing your machine quicker than showing how cool it is that you can 'oh my gosh play movies on it'

Ares843919d ago

because it's also a blu-ray player. That was one of the point's why I got it. And guess what, it works perfectly. Movies are not silly at all, it's foolish to say that.
Movies are a form of entertainment so are video games.
The PS3 is a cinematic entertainment center the Wii is just an old fashioned console.
I mean don't get me wrong....a consols #1 job is to play games but we are in the 21st century. Why do I have to have 5 different machines when I can have one that takes care off it all??
And on the long run it's cheaper.
So yes....the Wii is an outdated old fashioned poor product.
It's cheap because the technology behind it is old and cheap.
Hell, even the PS1 had a controler with motion sensor in it. You can look it up!
Grapichs do matter!!! Don't get delussional!!
To me quality is #1....the Wii is not quality!
if I want that experience I just turn on my PS2 with Eyetoy...same thing!

PS360WII3919d ago

Well don't get me wrong I have Blueray movies as well as HD-DVD's. Movies are great but to say oh yeah well my game console can play these was the silly part I was getting at not the movie itselve. Heck I own over 200 DVD's and have about 700 more on my PC I love movies. Just becasue the visuals on the Wii are not up to par with the 360 and PS3 once again does not make it poor quality. It's just lower in cost the Wii is a reliable system. That's the point I want to stress the most. Yes it's less costly and yes it WILL pass the test of time for Nintendo knows how to make a console live a long time. As far as motion sensing being used a long time ago that's besides the point. What matters was when it was first used even Atari had motion sensing it didn't work. People didn't digg it and it fell under the radar. Now with Nintendo when they brought back the motion sensing control it was a smash hit. They knew when to implement it and made it work publicly. So sure it was onced used but not to a succsefull way like the Wii is. Oh and I have an Eye Toy not nearly as fun even with the 3 different discs they had out for it. Maybe the PS3 will have better games for it but Eye Toy aint no Wii.
The Blueray and HD-DVD is just as much a gimick as the Wii Remote is. It gets people to buy it plain and simple that's what a gimick is just like a 10 year plan, an extended warrenty, and price drops. Those are all examples of gimicks.

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Ares843919d ago

..blu-ray is not a gimmick. It's the next-generation for media such as movies. I remember when DVD came out. Everyone called it a gimmick, everyone said that it wont ever replace the VHS. But we both know what happend. Same thing will happen here. We are now moveing on from DVD hopefully to a better quality disc. Even my 72 year old grandfather admited that blu-ray looks jaw dropping. (Yes he can see fine :D )
So it is not a gimmick at all.
On the other hand the Wii is a gimmick. You have to be honest. Nintendo Only made 1 successfull console...wich was the Super Nintendo. The N64 was badly beaten by the PS1 and the GameCube was Beaten by the PS2 and the Xbox as well. They did not last at all. Only the Super Nintendo did.
As far as the breaking of the systems go. I got a Playstation in 1997 back in Europe and it still works today. My PS2 only once had a disc reading error and that's it.
I think in most cases it comes down to how you handle your consol and where you keep it.
In my opinion the PS3 is a solid system even though there is a million things that could go wrong. The thecnhology packed into it is just fenomenal.
on the other hand the Wii's tech is really old and it should work fine without any problems. No excuses!
You may argue that the Eyetoy is not that entertainin but guess's the same thing. It's motion sensing.
To me none of the Wii's games are entertaining and I have played a few of it. For example: Zelda TP, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Rayman Raving Rebbids, Red Steel, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Tiger Woods....all sucked!!

AAACE53918d ago

Don't get too nervous people! There is a new trend of gamers, and yes they are older females, and yes nintendo is leading the charge!

But this is part of a larger plan!

This is an effort to get people to look at gaming in a more respectable way! There will be lots of mini-game games out there, but shooters and RPG's and such will be the next step for those entry level gamers. This is a way to ease those individuals into this industry that we love so much, and get them to understand what gaming is really about!

This is a plus for gamers everywhere!

But we can't slack off... Developers usually go where the money is! And if they see their sales are falling by making shooters and fighting games... they will jump to the casual only crowd! So if you see a game you like... "Buy it!"

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