Mass Effect: BioWare blows open the real standout game of this autumn

From Games Radar: "Much has been written about Mass Effect. The reason? BioWare's epic intergalactic story flagged itself up as one of the cornerstones of the 360 from the moment it was announced. Stunningly ambitious, brain-meltingly large, and market-leading in voice acting and production, it took what the Canadian development team did with Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire and pushed the model on - hard.

Frustratingly, though, while shots have steadily trickled out, actual code has been non-existent, while details beyond the basic set-up and structure have been equally shrouded in mystery. Until now. We tracked members of the development team down to their Edmonton hidey-hole and cornered them. We wanted to know everything - how the game ticks, how big it will be, what will blow us out of the water. And they obliged."

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razer3954d ago

On my holiday list. Everytime I see this game it just keeps looking better and better and to think they still have a few months of work they can do.

M1am1U3954d ago

this looks deliciously good. I can't wait.

SuperSaiyan43954d ago

Its like delaying it for another YEAR and it will look even better, then another year and another year.

I mean come on it has to end at one point I want this game as badly as the next person as there is no other RPG quite like this one.

But I am very happy with the overall new look for the game as the graphics are looking a lot better lets just hope it DEFINENTLY comes out this year in November.

calderra3954d ago

Err... this game has always been suspected to release sometime in 2007, and it's releasing in November. What's this deal with "years" you're talking about?

BLACKJACK VII3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Sounds like you are alittle confused. The only game I know of that fits your description is Killzone 2. Read Post 4.1

Lex Luthor3954d ago

Hahaha, look at the sony fanboys trolling this article, clicking disagree on everyhting. Hilarious.

Anyway, Mass Effect is gonna be Game of the Year 2007, i'll bet my house on that.


Good read. I agree with you Lex Luthor, GOTY baby !
Mass Effect, Bioshock & Halo 3 in the next 4 months? Unreal. It's great 2B a Gamer.

SuperSaiyan43954d ago

Was last year in December, then March, then speculation of August or Septemeber but funny how it takes the spot of HALO's month of November and HALO 3 gets September.

Either way I really hope it DOES come out this year.

Unreal 3 engine power game on one DVD9 disc lovely stuff ;-) oh and did I mention it has around 50hrs of gameplay including everything? ;-)


Bioware NEVER released a Release date until about 3 weeks ago. There was alot of RUMOR & SPECULATION of when the game would be released, but both Bioware & M$ never made an offical announcement until right B4 E3.

THAMMER13954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

The games speak for them self. You do not need to get on the internet and slam other consoles and crap like that.

MASS EFFECT is going to sell consoles. I think they should put out a demo in OCT. just to beef things up. I see this game stealing some awards from Halo 3 too.

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The story is too old to be commented.