IGN: Heavenly Sword Demo Impressions

At last, the metallic sounds of battle echo through the cubicles of IGN PlayStation. Heavenly Sword, the eagerly awaited game from developer Ninja Theory, showed up in demo form on the PlayStation Store today. While this is a demo the PlayStation Team has seen before in various forms, IGN were still pumped to spend some more time with Nariko and her incredible, almost poetic, heavenly blades.

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HowarthsNJ4156d ago

and it does that for sure :-)

VendettaWFT4155d ago

I agree, the shortness made me want to keep playin the demo. No real gripes with this game. They do need to fix just a few thing like graphical hitches and what not, I'm sure that won't be a problem. I did have one huge complaint though. I wish to god they designated the block stance to a button like L1 or L2 or something. I hate the fact that the user is not in full control of the blocking like in GOW or NGS or any other action game...oh ya and I wish there was a jump button too. Oh well its still gonna be a sick game

crystallakekiller4156d ago

great graphics,good gameplay and the shortest demo i've ever played!

Omegasyde4156d ago

wow a 1 gig demo (compressed, so end file size is bigger than 1 gig).. Yet the demo lasted less than 5 minutes.

It took me over a hour to d/l for 5 minutes....:(

Still better than nothing, So I guess we all shouldn't look a gifthorse in the mouth.

sonarus4156d ago

That demo was rediculously short. I hate when people say at least you got the demo in the first place. But thats still rubbish the hype for this demo was way too much for them not to deliver and while they delivered in all areas the length was a little to sad. I wish they warned me before i played it because i am still very dissapointed in the game.

daomay4156d ago

lets give this game away to da Wii or the 360 then!!!!!

I can't wait for this game...I might need to sale the wife and kid come this many great games coming soon for everyones

PlayStation3604156d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I get what your saying about all the great games coming out. But what you said about you wife and kid was just coldblooded bro. LOL :P

@ Omegasyde

LOL, oh man. Bubbles for both of ya'll. LOL

Omegasyde4156d ago

I put my youngest on Ebay already...

As They say videogames don't pay for themselves.
Kids don't Either.


Selling Child(s) to pay for videogames is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

By the way I am joking and i do not recommend anyone selling thier kids on Ebay or in Tijuana or in Shang Hai even its pawning them for a Halo on the DS or Duke Nukem Forever.

Silvanos4156d ago

I had a blast with this demo, short it was but also very fun.

WaggleLOL4156d ago

It takes a few playthroughs to get just how good the combat system is with the different stances, the counters, picking up and throwing objects and enemies, and other details that you will miss on the first playthrough.

It is too bad they didn't just make the last battle area cycle forever so you don't have to go through the start of the demo over and over again. Regardless, the graphics look amazing, the fighting is deep and satisfying, and the story/presentation looks awesome.

Was more hyped for other big PS3 titles this year but the demo has made this a must have title.

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The story is too old to be commented.