Ballmer: $1b Xbox 360 charge 'was painful'

As Microsoft meets with financial analysts today, discussing its prospects in areas including consumer products, one subject clearly on the minds of analysts is the recent $1 billion charge taken by Microsoft from Xbox 360 malfunctions.

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ironwolf3952d ago

I only posted this about 10 minutes ago. The Sony fanboys must have swarmed on it like flies on their moma's cooking.

Excalibur3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

To make 13.7 Billion any day.
Trust me kids Microsoft isn't loosing money.

Sure the malfunctions were a black eye but all black eyes heal, ask any rich boxer.

ericbs3951d ago

It will be better for Microsoft when they fix the problems cause a 3 year warranty is a long time and will give the idea of a well made product (name some cheap products that have a warranty for this long)

coolmatrix3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

MS loves guys like you.

Washing machines have three year warranty. My car has 5. PS3; 90 days!

360 with a 3 year extension for ONLY RROD. ALL OTHERS GET SOAKED!!!!

My name is a Mark.

First I pay $399.99 then I pay for accessories and ONLINE and blah, blah, blah.

Then in 3 years MS will give me another Xbox so it goes like this:

THESE MARKS LOVE ME!!!! A sucker is born every second...Now I believe it!! I thought it was a legend but I see it is true all along. Some people will be suckers for anything. JUST ANGLE IT RIGHT and you got em HOOK, LINE, SINKER!!!!

Hey, youre covered WHEN it breaks!!! WOW.

$399.99 + $59.99 LIVE + HD-DVD $199.99 + $200 in accesories = $859.97 not including games. With 5 games @ $59.99 = $1159.92

Take $1159.92 + NEW XBOX in 3 years ($499.99?)= TWO BC.

ALL 360 owners are Marks....SUCKERS...LOSERS...BU T I GET GREAT GAMES. WOW.

I don't feel anything anymore for 360 LOSERS...Get lost Mark. Get Lost!

SlappyMcTaint3951d ago

Uuuhh, M$ is LOSING MONEY in it's gaming division. They're still making money off of Vista, but not much. And spend 1B to make 13.7B?!? where'd you get that from!?

ironwolf3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Following this quarter's write offs and charges due to the new warranty program, MS's entertainment division should show a profit starting with the new quarter. I don't expect it to be huge, but it should be the divisions first, and the beginning of a positive profit curve.

trueltie53952d ago

It wasn't just about the $1billion hit MS took cause thats not a lot to them (somewhat). Still it's all about the image the xbox has loses trust from consumers...I mean lets say if a company has to recall a product..first thing comes to mind is damn they made a unreliable product...For example Ford Explorers have suffered from it and many others...Either way it wasn't just about the $1billion put aside.

infamouskilla993952d ago

n wat the fu&k do u mean they aint losing money you dumb ass , they're losing a lot of money since xbox 1 first came out n with the xbox 360 is the same story jesus how long are they juss gonna keep loosing money poor microsoft , i know bill gates is rich but i think he'll get tired of losing money

sticky doja3952d ago

you gotta put alot of money into it to see any gains, and they will see gains.

DJ3952d ago

Microsoft's Entertainment Division (in charge of Xbox and Zune) doesn't seem to be showing even a sliver of a gain. It's safe to say that Microsoft wants to pull the plug on the Xbox brand. It's had 6 years to turn a profit, and instead it's done the opposite. People keep saying "Well, maybe next quarter they'll be profitable", and it never happens. Sounds pessimistic, but in this case it's absolutely true.

Tempo3952d ago

u would really like that huh DJ, im guessing u have wet dreams over this sorta thing.

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