Big Halo 3 Multiplayer Feature

Gameplayer has put up a preview on the upcoming Halo 3 which explores more of the multiplayer functionality, including hands-on time with maps not seen in the beta.

"One by one, each map's key designer stepped up and briefly took us through the spawn placements and finer points of five different levels. Then they just turned us loose!"

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Hectic_Kris3886d ago

i really cant w8 for all these shiny new games to come out :):):)

Covenant3886d ago

Dammit, this game can't get here fast enough. Two months seems like an eternity.

Hectic_Kris3886d ago

this game + many this year are gunna keep me goin for a while ;)

Gibsie3886d ago

Seems very nice.

Cant wait :D

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The story is too old to be commented.