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Submitted by HolyOrangeCows 2061d ago | article

PS3 Move Misconceptions

Game Morgue says: "The Playstation Move was announced at E3 2009 and there are now 25 currently announced PS Move supported titles. As with all new products, there are misconceptions in the gaming community about it. There is already confusion that needs to be cleared up" (PS3)

saint_john_paul_ii  +   2061d ago
there's only one game so far that require 2 move controllers. that's Lights out. the gladiator game in Sports Champions can be played with one move controller, but pretty much its recommended to play with 2 move controllers if you want the full experience.
Kamikaze135  +   2061d ago
SOCOM and Resident Evil 5 require both, too
But yeah, you need both for the full experience. Just like the Wii remote and need both even though some games only require the remote.
shink  +   2061d ago
SOCOM and Res 5 just need one Move controller and a Nav or substitute the Nav with the DS3.
So if you don't want to spend extra money, the Move controller will suffice.
Conloles  +   2061d ago
Let me guess the misconception it is good won't be there.
D4RkNIKON  +   2061d ago
Move controllers can point off screen and still be recognized because of the camera, the wii loses the ability to still track once the cursor is too far off screen when aiming and turning.

You see, the camera for the wii is inside of the wiimote and the sensor bar is simply two led lights that the camera tracks. When you point the wiimote too far and it can't see the sensor bar it stops tracking. The setup is similar with the Move controller but opposite, the camera is still looking at the controller no matter how much you turn it off screen. There is a difference in the tech even tho every one likes to think it is the same thing.
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evrfighter  +   2061d ago
move needs a lot of work. I noticed really bad lag in the fighting game and the socom game.

That could be attributed to bluetooth. I remember using a bluetooth mouse that lagged not as bad as that but enough to make me trash it 2 hours after using it.

Was supposed to be the baddest bluetooth mouse on the market. Ugh bad memories. I'll never rely on bluetooth for precision gaming again. That said I like how that sorcery game looks.
Ravage27  +   2061d ago
i'm sure they will sort it out b4 release
It's unfortunate that Sorcery turned out to be a 2011 release, i'm already sold on Move and really want to play it this year :/
Steve_0  +   2061d ago
seeing as bluetooth uses radio waves which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and thus travel at 3 x 10^8 m/s, ie the speed of light, then bluetooth should be significantly faster than a wired mouse. Obviously its not as simple as that, but its microprocessors and other electronics/technology (software included) which atribute delay, not the communication itself.

What this means - There exist bluetooth mice as fast or faster than wired mice (though the general trend is the reverse), and seeing as sony's Dualshock 3 controllers rely on the exact same communication tech as Move (bluetooth and whatever chips and software behind it) any lag would only be the same as that of the regular controller, that is to say, completely unnoticeable. Now, if you had said that some lag could exist in the camera's ability to track the Move and process it's position accurately, you may have a point. Everything we've seen and heard so far seems to indicate that that is not the case however. Move is shaping up to be the most precise and flexible motion technology to date, something which would only give it an advantage in terms of innovative software to back it up, for both the casual and hardcore crowds.

Biggest  +   2061d ago
I'm adding this because of the lack of reading comprehension of so many of you here. My comment was closed due to trolling. As I read the replies I see that no one understood what I said. So I am saying it again.

They should add these MISCONCEPTIONS as well. A lot of people forget that the Move IS NOT A CONTROLLER ALONE. Which means it comes with the PS Eye. The PS Eye is a camera/microphone combo.

The Move can not track full body movements. That is a misconception, as evident by some of the replies. Yes. It can track full body movement because it has a camera.

The Move does not support voice commands. This is also a misconception, as evident by some of the replies. Yes. It does support voice commands. The Playstation cameras have always supported this. All it takes is a developer to add it to their project.

Let's try really hard to understand what we're reading next time. I know you really love your consoles. But what you see at first glance is not always an attack on your loved one.
kasasensei  +   2061d ago
There is a lot of bashing on move and kinect these days.
As far as i know from the live demos, I see less misconceptions in move than in kinect.
But there is one major misconception for the both : the price. (not the captain)
T9X69  +   2061d ago
Yea the price is a little high for a controller, I think I'm going to stick to my DS3 until it drops. Don't feel like spending $130+tax for the Move, Camera, and Sub-controller, not to mention it doesn't come with any games either besides a demo disc.

Where Kinect is $100 or $150 that is still high for just a camera, it would be more reasonable if it was $100 and came with a free game but I doubt MS will do that.
jerander  +   2061d ago
did you not read the article at all? you dont need the sub controller and yes is does come with a game.
T9X69  +   2061d ago
Umm yes I did read the article, your link is not from the article. If I'm going to buy the Move I want the full experience, if I'm going to use my DS3 instead of the sub-controller I might as well just use the DS3.

Sports Championship? Oh joy another Move Sports/Kinect Sports/Wii Sports game that doesn't interest me. I would want a real game not a stupid cheesy sports game.
jerander  +   2061d ago
the link is saying there is a game. whether you want to call it a game or not wii sports has had more play time then any other wii game. Sports Championship will probably be the same way.

You can still get the full experience with a DS3. What is the DS3 missing that will take away from the experience.

If you want to troll at least have facts in your argument. Here I will even help you:

Move is over priced because to play all the games that it comes with you need two wands. 100 for the bundle and 50 for the other wand= $150
There I made a more relevant arrangement then you made with a higher price.
blumatt  +   2061d ago
Early bird gets the worm
Regardless of all the 360 guys saying how expensive the Move is going to be because of having to buy more than one of them, I still think that's not going to be as big an issue as they're making it to be. Most people will buy two Move controllers at the most. The Dualshocks can be used to replace the Navigation controllers. (I held mine in my left hand only to see what it felt like to do that and it was actually not bad at all. Especially to save $30 per Nav. controller.) The Move is going to have two solid months of lead over Kinect. Those two months will get the word out about it and help it get an early lead over Kinect. The early bird will get the worm in this motion control war. That's why the 360 has a higher install base than the PS3 right now. That year head start helped it alot and so will the Move's two month head start.
Lombax  +   2061d ago
Bird is the word
Regardless of all this pricing talk/BS, Move will only cost me $49.99.

I already have the eye and I don't need the sub-controller because the dualshock works just fine for me.
blumatt  +   2061d ago
nice Family Guy reference
"Bbbbbbird bird bird, bird is the word Bbbbbbbbird bird bird bird is the word...." Family Guy is so damn funny. But yeah, I've already got the PS Eye too and all I'll need is the Move and a game, but seeing as how I'm most likely gonna get Killzone 3, that'll probably be the game I use it with first.
lpfisher  +   2061d ago
Kind of a lame article....
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2061d ago
when they say 2 move controler... they mean the remote with the joystick + the one with the ball?
jerander  +   2061d ago
no two of them with a ball
labwarrior  +   2061d ago
Noone would ever buy 3 separate things, for just one gamer (Move, Nav and PSEYE)
Instead of getting Kinect, that is for multiple gamers and have everything out of the box and a next gen 1-1 full body and deapth mapping system and voice recognition, all out of the box for the lowest price

PS MOve will have PSEye fate, noone will care, it is so expensive and complicated, i cant even grasp how the whole thing would work

BTW many games require 2 Move sticks for just one gamer, if you want to play some games with friends with Move, you may have to waste 400$ just for Move sticks and maybe even 1000$+ if Nav is used too

What a joke
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onanie  +   2061d ago
Where can I buy Kinect's buttons?
Meryl  +   2061d ago
so $150 for a motion camera is good when ps eye can already do the same things for much much less??
you are trolling having a 2 player game will cost $140 with controllers, oh wait that is still cheaper than kinect and it works, i know where my money is going to:):) ($99 for 1 eye 1x controller plus game,+ 1x seperate $39.99 motion controller)
DaRazorback  +   2061d ago
Let's think about your proposal and...
let's not forget this too, the PS Move titles will be $39.99, meanwhile, the Kinect games will be retailing for $59.99!
NeloAnjelo  +   2061d ago
I can't see myself playing with the DS3 and the move controller. I don't mind getting the sub-controller, however I feel it should be priced at 20.00, and the navigation for 30.00. A $50.00 or even $60.00 price point would definitely be the sweet spot. IMO.
I think this thing would fly off the shelves. But Remember some people will need to get the Eye as well.

I really want to see how it does in Japan, since they eat Wii's for breakfast. Sony doesn't have all that cutesy stuff though which that market likes.
I would like mad world for the PS3. I see that game selling well.

I will give this a try, although still skeptical.
00000000000000000001  +   2061d ago
Move for me is just to dam expensive, if I buy eveything for just 2 people it's about $200. Now what happens if a 4 player game comes out? ouch!
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fooltheman  +   2061d ago
I think Move's pricing is just right...
you start with one or two.... and eventuelly you'll buy the whole damn assortiment
DaRazorback  +   2061d ago
$49.99 is the real...
start up cost for many gamers. I know many, myself included, already have the cam, because of great deals at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, et al. I think this will be an incredible system enhancement and can't wait to play it with the little miss. I agree to a degree that copying the Wii, but I have played it and was never impressed, because finding the sweet spot for the machine to notice your movements with it were a bit if a pain in the a$$. At least with the Move all you will have to do is "move" in a traditional way to make it work, for example with the sports game.
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