The Playstation Controller Transformer

If you are a Playstation and a Transformers fan at the same time, then this controller is perfect for you.

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Rythrine3792d ago

Robots in a controller lolz. This is a bargain. 2 in 1, a toy and a controller

daous3792d ago

Play B3YOND your television, by transforming your PS4 controller in order to play BEYOND the TV. XD

Props to the person who made the PS3 Transformer controller! (Though it looks kinda ugly due to the plastic material they used. I would've loved to see a video of the transformation!)

lib93792d ago

really cool ._. But I'm definitely not gonna buy it.

IPlayGames3792d ago

When my friends come over that will be my controller and between matches and loading screens ill transform it and reenact how i was shooting them during game play.

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