Microsoft beating the race to lose more money

In a recently written article by GamePro, it was detailed how Microsoft lost more money than Sony did with its next-generation console venture. While this may be obvious to all with the recent warranty extension money being set aside, one has to wonder how this is doing any good for either company. How can millions, even billions of dollars in losses seem positive for a business? How will Microsoft or Sony respond?

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Odion3922d ago

very true, but if they didn't put the 1.1 billion in they would have broken even or made a small profit.

kingjkv3922d ago

The title is freakin hilarious LOLOLO

MaximusPrime3922d ago


When i read the first 3 words, i thought "oh joy..." but the ending, "phew a relief"

VendettaWFT3921d ago

The kid who responded (lesbiangamer whatever) first got so many people pissed off and he probably wanted it that way. Mission accoplished for that guy.

Combat Survivor3922d ago

@ Odion
If you analyze this, you will see that Microsoft still loses money in the hundreds of millions of dollars!

360Crusader3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

That warranty really set Microsoft back a nickel or two. lol Oh well what can you do. I just hope the new hardware will solve the problem then the sony fan boys wont have anything else left to say. Jeez they better start searching for a new come back.

Edit: But I'm not a fan boy. I do admit that this 3 red light is a problem that must be addressed. But its far from the junk some of you make it at to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.