E3 ‘10: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo Impressions | Spawn Kill

Dave Stewart of Spawn Kill relates a behind closed doors demo of Deus Ex: Human Revolution shown off at this year's E3. If what he saw hints at the potential of this game, we're all in for good things.

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Mista T2588d ago

can't wait for this, I really want to see some gameplay

tigresa2588d ago

I haven't played the old ones but I might just jump into this one head first. Love me some future, though their date is a bit presumptuous that we'll be that far in technology by then!

K-Tuck2588d ago

The first one was incredible for the time.

edhe2588d ago

Date's locked due to the first game, which didn't have the vision of the future that this does.

As a prequel this has to be technically before the first game but i think we can forgive them their artistic license if they happen to make one of the best games of all time ever.

Donny2588d ago

playing the original deus ex right now ;).

Nihilism2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Gotta love PC gaming, I saw a dual game pack today with Just Cause 1 and Deus EX...for $4...

Just installed Kotor 1 and got some HUD and widescreen mods for's good playing the old classics.

K-Tuck2587d ago

Wow, where did you find that deal?

Nihilism2587d ago

'Game' was the store, crazy bargain, I got Mirrors Edge for $4 from there a few weeks back too, still in it's plastic wrapping...I already owned it, it was such a bargain though I couldn't pass it up, I was going to give it away...but no one plays PC that I so i'll just keep it on display.

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