Tretton Says Follow Heart, Not Trends

KOTAKU: "I thought I'd had my fill of Sony's Jack Tretton after cutting all of Kotaku's interview clips, but Dean Takahashi has just posted his interview from E3 which has some interesting finds. I especially enjoyed Tretton's take on innovation and trends, and how that relates to Sony's strategies at the moment."

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SimmoUK3859d ago

I'm glad Jack has a big pull at what is going on at Sony, he really seems to know what he's talking about and has a good vision for the future, good interview...

DTClown3859d ago

I just don't get the whole wii thing. Let's face it people, the whole hubbub is focused completely around the controllers. Soooo....tell me why Sony (and MS for that matter) can't just create their own nun-chuckin like devices and have people develop games for that type of controller on the PS3? I mean hell, if Sony decided to do that combined with the power of the a couple of years people woould be saying "wii what...huh?,,,"

daous3859d ago

Personally, I don't mine the Wiimote and nunchuck attachment. They have just enough buttons and features (a.k.a. motion-sensing and rumble) to be a great controller for most games.

However, what rubs me off about Nintendo nowadays is their constant release of a whole bunch of gimmicky "attachments":

The "Guncon", which is a near-exact copy of NAMCO's Time Crisis controller, is merely a piece of plastic that looks like a "gun" and you must attach the Wiimote + nunchuck to it.

Then there's the WiiFit board, which is another gimmicky, to the hardcore gamers. I understand that Nintendo is trying to appeal to even more "casual" gamers in the form of exercise games....

This is not what Nintendo has been about before 2006. In the past, Nintendo has always been known for pleasing the hardcore gamers. I mean, c'mon, this is the company whose former E3 press conferences always had Nintendo fans cosplaying as Link and Mario, while they cheered at every new Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc. game announced. I missed the good old days when Nintendo actually CARED about the hardcore.

Caxtus7503859d ago

but i cant stand this guy..he is always saying not to buy a Nintendo and Ms and this was exactly the bad kind of PR that gave Sony a bad image to begin with.

He just always seems to bash the cmpatition instead focus on the Ps3.

Phill Harrison i find alot more friendly and likewise i liked peter moore.

EZCheez3859d ago

He wasn't bashing anyone. If anything he was indirectly praising Nintendo for their originality, stating that there would probably be copycats in the near future. He's absolutely right that there will be, and he also said that if you aren't trying to do something original on your own grounds, then you will always be playing catch up because it will take at least two years to create a worthy competitor for a game in the generation.

Sounds to me like a pretty well thought out statement, and a pretty accurate one at that.

360Crusader3859d ago

I refuse to even read his interviews anymore. He's nothing but a gloating idiot who's head is clearly somewhere other then the place it should be.

daous3859d ago

of all the Sony reps, Jack Tretton is my least favourite. He's making a lot of statements recently that give Sony a negative or misleading image. I think Phil Harrison should be the ONLY Sony representative to talk to the media, since he has the cleanest record.

the_round_peg3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

"Please, please, take pity on Sony, have a heart and buy a PS3! Follow your heart!"

kevin11223859d ago

well he could start bad mouthing everyone and then get traded to another company.

the_round_peg3859d ago

They may end up working for Microsoft or Nintendo someday.

ParaDise_LosT3859d ago

God...I hate his face...I don't really know why....but I hate his face...

Maddens Raiders3859d ago

he, he.....yeah let us see yours and judge which one is funnier.... =]

ReconHope3859d ago

people are mean nowadays.

ParaDise_LosT3859d ago

lol i didn't say his face is funny xD I just hate it...
I dunno why, and Im not mean :(
There are just people you hate for non real reason...
Like Bob Saget...I his face too...
My face ain't funny :(
<- emo lol
Don't be mean...we're people too :D

Maddens Raiders3859d ago

yet you say you're nice and emo(adj)? or emo(noun)? and you don't know why hmm......

meh....a moral paradox it is....

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