EA: Wii Caught Us Flat-Footed

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello admitted today that his company was "on the wrong horse" when it opted to focus primarily on Xbox 360 and PS3 during the console transition period.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Let these EA chumps board the Wii bandwagon. Infact why don't they just go Wii Exclusive. Trust me, the real gamers will be great. We don't need their cash cow rehashes every year. I'm sick of Madden rehash every year.

These idiots just go where the money is, it doesn't matter what they're making.

Marceles3740d ago

EA is going to keep jumping the wrong ship...first jump on the 360 and PS3 wagon while the Wii is doing good, and then by the time the Wii starts going away from games and the 360 and PS3 do good, they'll feel stupid again and jump back to the hardcore consoles

scarlett_rg3740d ago

I agree with ya... but you shouldn't call them idiots for trying to make money. By that definition, 99% of the world's population are idiots.

And if you don't like their games, then don't buy them (which I'm sure you don't). They keep making them because people keep buying them. I think the last EA Sports game I played was in '97.

SWORDF1SH3739d ago

thats very true what your sayin. all companies have to make money but to come out with stuff like this is jus disrespectin sony and ms. ea are a big company and they think they can do what they want but if sony and ms tyurned around and said, ok go and develope for the wii and not us. then ea would be up sh*t street. ea have to realise they cant jus jump around companies coz they feel like it

JIN KAZAMA3740d ago

I am surprised that you didnt go with the Wii. But I guess you didnt know it was going to sell like hotcakes, so therefore you mised out. After all you are nothing but a money hungry cash cow that just wants to go with wii, because its going to have a very big install base. You are the worst game company ever, and I hope you go down like Enron. Please, go bankrupt and make the gaming community better.

Meus Renaissance3740d ago

They might aswell because they can't develop a great game with all they money and skill they have. They'd rather focus on 2D images of cookery. Here's a toast to the death of EA.

bung tickler3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

big deal im sure everyone still has their gamecube dev kits... not like there is ANY learning curve involved... and really who cares? the only good games for it will come from nintendo anyways...

p.s. i AM a nintendo fan 1st and foremost (i have every system of theirs minus the wii) so this is just a little rant of mine dont take it to heart any of you wii fanatics out there. i just dont think its right to pay $250 for a system i essentially already own with a new remote tacked on.

Bazookajoe_833740d ago

No one buys any game for the wii, 90% of the people who bought the wii are non gamers who thinks it´s fun for a couple of months. Then it will collect dust untill theres a party and they take it out to play wii sports just to put it away in oblivion again..

PS360WII3740d ago

Mario Party 8 and Resident Evil were 2 of the top 10 games sold last month. Wii owners are buying games.
I think EA is kind of being force to start thinking about how the game is made now with the Wii. Before all they had to do was make a game with all the same stuff different names a little better this and that and release. With the Wii the have to make use of the controller so they're forced to think about the game. We'll see, I enjoyed Tiger Woods on Wii and SimCity for the DS is awesome.

Chexd3740d ago

yeah? I was wondering whether to buy sim city on the DS? mini review from you? :D

PS360WII3740d ago

Well for starters the stylus was meant to build cities. You lay out the roads and zone your area's and you only need to build water towers with no need of pipes. You have advisors that give you your annual report of earnings and tell you if you get a new building or let you talk to the folks. They can get annoying so you can skip them if you want but you might miss out on a deal so...
When first starting the screen felt a bit small to be honest, but after a little while it was no worries. After you fill a map and built what you wanted to and would like to build a neighboring town that sadly cannot happen. Only one city at a time for this handheld but what can you do it is a cart. All the graphs are there for viewing pleaser and you can get the deals are there to take. Pretty decent port for a PC to DS game and it has a good pace and tight controls. If you're a fan of SimCity and you have a DS you should probably consider getting it.

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