Heavenly Sword demo'd

JOYSTIQ: "That was it...? As the most significant chunk of data to hit PSN since Gran Turismo HD (CAC didn't live up to the hype), and weighing in at 996 MB, the Heavenly Sword demo merely offers a beefy pinch of tease. Call us biased. We are. At E3 we were able to play well past where this demo ends, and we've had the itch ever since."

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jromao3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

And camera isn't perfect, no first person view so we can't admire the beautiful landscape. But still good gameplay.

Marceles3791d ago

I guess that was the whole point of the demo being short, to make us really hungry for more...and it sure did work

lesbiansonyfan-girl3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Good! the demo is all the more you could ever want of this game.
LOL now everyone is agreeing with what I said a week ago an attacked for. THis game is just hack and slash repetitive clone crap, not even good for a PS3 game.

LeonSKennedy4Life3791d ago's not a repetitive hack 'n slash. Where did you come up with that?

If this is repetitive hack 'n slash, then Ninja Gaiden is just a terrible game all-around.

VaeVictus3791d ago

It was a short demo but an impressive one. I thought the gameplay was terrific. I was up in the air about this game, but it looks like a solid buy now. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, I only wish it were longer.

EZCheez3791d ago

Do not bother replying to "lesbiansonyfangirl" . This is just "Sonyfan's" second (possibly more) account. His tactics are the same and it is already a waste to read his comments, even more to reply. I know that's exactly what I am doing, but I am trying to save everyone else the time and intelligence wasted on this guy.

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akaFullMetal3791d ago

downloading now, but heard it was short :( o well just got to buy the game

Blackmoses3791d ago may have been short but, it was beautiful! I found myself playing four to five times afterwards jsut to see if what I could do differently.

It really is a beautiful game...very impressive!

Scrumptious3791d ago

Agree with you moneybags...a good game. better graphics than God of Waar, but weaker controls. I wish they could replace the camera shoulder buttons with a block button. Trying to block to match the attacking enemies color will take getting used to. A good game that wets my appetite for PS3 God of War.

BTW, I still have your game and have been itching to watch that movie again.

Chexd3791d ago

well i have only played it a bit..and it looks lovely! PErsonally i didnt rate the gameplay too much and think its a rather overhyped hack n slash...Id rather play Ninja Gaiden...or is it just me?

Bebedora3791d ago

I must say I feel like you there. Just demo wise. NGS demo was more responsive.

HS is very nice and perty though.

nurayi3791d ago

the movement may not be as responsive, but the combat sure is. its just as deep and you can mix and match combos. try switching stances mid combo for instance ;)

just defeated NGS so I was hoping for atleast harder difficulty settings for the demo. anyway the closest thing to a boss you can find is if you dont kill the first guy in the QTE. just dont hit the button.

sandip7873791d ago

i played through it 3 times and i thought it was great everytime.

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The story is too old to be commented.