GameZone: The Agency Hands-On Impressions

"The Agency is now looking for a release date in 2011, maybe, but the changes made over the past year have been intelligent and instead of merely delaying the release of the game, the changes have augmented and have made it a better game. With more development time ahead, it seems likely that The Agency is on the way to provide a strong MMO contender with a unique perspective. "

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Blaze9292834d ago

Not looking forward to this title at all. Like another MAG or something and I hated MAG.

Tony-Red-Grave2834d ago

one bubble does that to you

mistermostyn2834d ago

Huh, like another MAG?

My anti-MMO stance is being truly tested at the moment. APB, DC Universe... and now the Agency.

Must... fight... temptation...

jzungre2833d ago

Give into the MMOs, dude. Many of them are going free to play.

DarkBlade46582834d ago

This game actually looks good in my opinion. Tried APB beta and its basically just online deathmatches in a GTA setting. This has more of an MMO feel to it which I'm looking forward to

barefootgamer2834d ago

I had a little hands on time with this game at E3, and wasn't terribly impressed. Seemed like a standard shooter. But since I didn't get to see any of the stuff that will help set it apart, like Operatives, the missions, the auction, etc. I'm withholding judgement. :)