Ratchet Demo Completed, More Resistance Content Coming to PSN

A demo of Insomniac Games' upcoming Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3) and more content for the company's PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man are headed to the PlayStation Network.

"I can confirm that the demo [of Ratchet & Clank Future] will be downloadable via the PlayStation Store," said Insomniac Games marketing director Ryan Schneider in an interview with Shacknews. "What Sony chooses to do with it, and when, it really is in their hands. The demo is finished...and when it comes out, we have a rough idea, but you never know. I think the PlayStation Store is a fluid storefront, and anything can happen."

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SimmoUK4157d ago

Ratchet looks fantastic! can't wait do download this one and it sounds soon!

Marceles4157d ago

If a Ratchet and Lair demo comes in the next few weeks (and is longer than the Heavenly Sword demo), there's gonna be alot of happy PS3 owners

TriggerHappy4157d ago

No you wont see a Ratchet and Lair demo together simultaneously released world wide. PSN will die regardless of how good it is. Maybe Ratchet next week. Then Lair the week after that or vice versa.

hazeblaze4157d ago

Unless they are moving the game to release earlier than Nov, I doubt we get the demo before Sept guys. Lair on the other hand should be out within the next few weeks. But I expect to be playing it before it comes out... a few weeks back the devs said they were focusing on the final game so the demo might not arrive until post-release of the game.

Marceles4157d ago

I mean of course it's not going to release worldwide, they're not going to give up everything at the same time...but all the people who have accounts for every PSN don't have to worry about a demo being released at the same time. And PSN won't die...I'm sure they're going to retouch it up by the time Home comes

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smart_head4157d ago

Sucks that I have to study for engineering exams for another 20 days.

TriggerHappy4157d ago

when the money starts coming wont remember any of this at all :)

smart_head4157d ago

Internships for the win! :p

hikikimori4157d ago

Don't worry! Engineering? Just remember, I'm supporting you all the way, Ill be right here when you get those six figure paychecks, to borrow money from you.

Rythrine4157d ago

You got that right. Co-op ftw. I start mine on January '08 which is perfect timing. I'll be loaded by the time PS3's heavy hitters are released.

smart_head4157d ago

Rythrine, nice to notice there are a bunch of engineering students visiting this site. BTW, my co-op term starts in September of this year. So I think in terms of money, I'll be more heavily loaded than you'll be in January '08. ;)

hikikimori, I'll try to remember you years from now.. lol.. I'm just kidding. Actually, hardly any engineers I know get 6-figure paychecks.

Rythrine4157d ago

I know man, I wish I started my co-op this year too for all the fall games. There's a lot of them and I definitely need the money. I'm just trying to think positive and tell myself that I won't have enough time to play all the fall games anyway cuz of engineering. Next year will be a whole different story though; play games coming home from co-op work lolz.

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BlackIceJoe4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

I hope the stuff for Resistance is additional episodes. I thought some time after Resistance came out Phil Harrison and Ted Price said they were going to look at may be doing things like that. If more to the story can come out I think that would be great news. This way Insomniac can give us a taste of what is to come for Resistance 2.

LSDARBY4157d ago

I hope so too, the story was left on a cliff hangar. I know there planning a sequal but for them to extend the current story would be cool

Loudninja4157d ago

Has Sony woke up finally?

Naruto4157d ago

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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