New approach to “DLC” with Kinect.

If you’re a bit confused, it works like this: Go into a retail store, try and find the plush toy, buy it, go home, present it to your Kinect device, it will automatically read a special code on it, and then it will download the animal into the game that you can then play with...

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crapgamer2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Scanning technology we saw at the previous E3.This is such a cool device and has so much promise. I truly am glad it seems to have been received so well. I can see Kinect used in more ways then the Wii, even in Hospitals and for rehabilitation's and things like that nature, because it involves more then just arms flailing away and poorly tracked motions.
I'd be kind of upset too if Kinect was doing as bad as Move is. Maybe Sony can get Kevin Butler to go Door to Door and try to sell Move to people personally?

*Edit* So many ticked off Sony fans it's really making my day. I was kind of having a rough day but it's all gone away and I can do nothing but smile as the Sony fans spit at their monitors in rage because kinect is doing well and Xbox 360S is selling well. lol Get over it Sony peeps, nothing has changed, your console is still in last place. So why so serious?

ndibu2736d ago

Crapgamer, dude, give it a rest will ya? Please, just for the next 24 hrs.

absolutecarnage2736d ago

That comment should be a public announcment for everyone, not just him

Charmers2736d ago

I actually think this is a pretty novel and interesting idea. I can see this bringing a lot of fun and joy to young children. I remember as a young child I had a "bond" with the stuffed animals I had and it would have been fantastic if I could have interacted with them on the TV.

Now obviously being an adult this kind of thing wouldn't appeal to me but at the end of the day I can see it being lots of fun for young children and I can appreciate that without going "omgz dat is so sucky who wud want that".

Capital Dream2736d ago

you see I love the way Kinect is falling in to line with every thing Microsoft set it out to be. Jump in every one!

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