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Bonus Round - Episode 406 Part 2: Sony's E3 Success?

From David Jaffe surprising the masses at the Sony press conference, to Nintendo debuting a fully functional 3D system, this year's E3 has been one to remember. In this episode, our industry experts dissect the biggest news from the show, give their picks for game of show, and more! (Brian Crecente, David Jaffe, E3, Garnett Lee, Industry, Michael Pachter, Playstation Move, PS3, PSP, Sony, Tech)

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Chapulin  +   1986d ago
LiquifiedArt  +   1986d ago
Kotaku Guy
He is an utter xbox fanboy. Sony's conference was EASILY the most GAMER FOCUSED of the three. THey also have the most amount of information to delver out, PSP, PS3, 3D, MOVE, PSN+ and a secret Twisted Metal Reveal.

Give me a break. They get an A+ from me, but I will agree with Pachter on two issues. 1) The pricing of the Move and which games require 2 controllers or 1. That is a big confusing problem, which sucks. 2) PSN+ is very undefined right now, but i agree that moving forward, they will beef up PSN+ and leave PSN as it is.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1985d ago
Nintendo A++ for presentation
Sony A+ for presentation

Nintendo A+ for content
Sony A++ for content

But I hope Sony reconsiders the pricing of the Move system its not too family friendly

and thanks guys for the info about the Kotaku guy....
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ABizzel1  +   1986d ago
They gave
Patcher, Garnett, Kotaku dude

Nintendo: A+, A, A
Sony: A+, B, C
Microsoft: ?, ?, ?

I gave

Nintendo: A-
Sony: A-
Microsoft: C

I would give the edge to Sony over Nintendo, simply because they had more of their content interested me than Nintendo's.
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EvilBlackCat  +   1986d ago
In my opinion
Nintendo and Sony Tie
Why? Because Sony show us a looooooooot of things we knew about 1 month after E3 and that was a really dumb stupid decision.

Microsoft last place

By the way IMHO

Real FPS/Racing Hardcore gamers are going to ignore MOVE and Kinect
they will be good for Head tracking and some signals for this genres but you need to spend more cash for those features.
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TheWretched  +   1986d ago
Lol at Kotakuguy... a C? That's quite a stride, you are hitting there. "Least good"? With what MS and Konami showed?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1986d ago
Gizmondo/Kotaku=Same company.
Iamback  +   1986d ago
Only Pachter was spot on (to my surprise), Kotaku guy, i dont know what he watched, probably his new shinny 360.

I agree that MOVE when everything put together is expensive, i am interested but i dont know if i have 150$ for whole pack. But i so damn much want to play Sorcery and Heros on move.
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morganfell   1986d ago | Immature | show
Godmars290  +   1986d ago
Generally I think Sony dropped the ball with PSeye, of which Move is an add-on of. I'm more than suspecting in fact that there are tons of things the PSeye can do that Natal can't. Namely video editing and effects, not to mention augmented reality with games like Eye of judgment and Eyepet. They should be offering virtual model toys and such via DLC while letting people print out the symbols, yet Move is taking away focus from those.

Hoping though, just like Kung-fu Live! is just a PSeye game, this new re-investment in motion control will bring back games like Eyedentify.
scofios  +   1986d ago
I agree with morganfell that piece of shit Brian Crecente is just a joke .
Whenever i see his shit face somewhere i know he will just fill the room wiht his retarted ignorence .
barakiu  +   1986d ago
i gave it a C too.
only gave Nintendo a B.
Microsoft a F-.

my opinion detailed:
Donny  +   1986d ago
true pope
colonel179  +   1986d ago
I read you impressions and I have two things to complain about what you wrote about Sony's:

1st: The Move is not unproven. They proved that it works with the games they have shown, and with Sorcery.

2nd: Infamous was NOT a CG trailer. Everything was in-game graphics. Probably gameplay too.

You are right about MS's being the worst conference of all time.

Sony could have been way better, but like Crecente said, it was too cluttered, they didn't give enough information about anything. So it was confusing. It was very good, very solid, but they missed their opportunity of being the best

What made Nintendo's the best conference was the pacing. They didn't announce a lot of games (and actually Sony had more games to announce but they didn't for some reason), but the pacing made it looked great. Having just one hour, helped them drop bomb after bomb after bomb, so you couldn't even get out of the shock, when they already announced something else that shocked you more.

So really Nintendo 1st, Sony 2nd, EA 3rd, MS 4th, Ubisoft 5th, Konami WTF?!
house  +   1986d ago
ok a c?
these Gizmondo/Kotaku guys are soo out of there mind last time i checked we watch e3 for the games!! and there complaing because they showed to many just wow i give sony an A+
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PopEmUp  +   1986d ago
what idiot said MOVE unproven, oh wait was it barakiu? :P
jack_burt0n  +   1986d ago
Kotaku is a microsoft blog.
duplissi  +   1986d ago
lol... no its owned by gawker media which itself is independently owned by nick denton.

now if you wanted to say whether or not they are biased, well thats different.

PLAYWATCH  +   1986d ago
Kotaku Guy is biased against Sony
So, according to him, Sony should have had the least amount of content and focus and spent half their show on them like MS did, who had the least amount of content and focused half their show on Kinect. He is penalizing Sony for having TOO MUCH CONTENT to cover. I'm shaking my Head. Unbelievable.
fuckoffodion  +   1986d ago
it's like that gamespot R&C review.
Too much variety. I guess too much is a bad thing. :/
LiquifiedArt  +   1986d ago
Bubble 4 U
This is spot on. You can't penalize a company for providing TOO MUCH CONTENT to the consumer. I'd be pissed off If I owned an xbox and was unable to tap into the massive amount of playstation content. Xbox == Xbox360. Microsoft has not expanded their 1st part, infact they lost some and all they have been doing is trying to steal 3rd party games to say "We have it too". Aside from that They still are short-term thinkers who invest in marketing rather then conent.

Sony 4 Life
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1986d ago
The Conferences for Sony is just starting, the E3 was the 1st from 2 more, they didn't show the 20+ Exclusives even with 2 hours, and revealed more games on top of that, biggest catalog of games.

But now that is coming Gamescom (last year in that Conference they revealed PS3 Slim there so expect big news in Gamescom) and TGS Conference, massive Megatons incoming.

B+ for Sony.
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tdrules  +   1986d ago
the Slim was hardly breaking news
Philaroni  +   1986d ago
Funny, they did not talk about Valve and EA. It is safe to say the Left 4 Dead series is no longer an Xbox exclusive which I think is big news. On top of that Sony showed they are not taking Move as just a gimmick with the announcement of them partnering with Coke to advertise it.

Unlike Nen. and MS, Sony does have more to cover and we know at Games Con and TGS they will have some more news. Can't say the same for the other two company's. I felt this bonus round was a little pre mature should have waited till at least we got our hands on PSN+ and the upcoming FW 3.40 update.
Jac5al  +   1986d ago
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1986d ago
Wow Sony gets blasted for having too many games to cover. What has the gaming world turned into?
olos  +   1986d ago
kotaku are the worst xbot online
they r a re full of shit

apparently faking your demos and not announcing anything new or interesting is awesome in their eyes
MajestieBeast  +   1986d ago
Only guy i like of that panel is Garnett Lee the rest meh especially Kotaku guy can you be anymore biased. Also pachter not cool to almost ruin the twisted metal surprise from ESP.
Lombax  +   1986d ago
Can't wait to see what that Kobiased guy has to say about the MS conference. xD
Samus HD  +   1986d ago
Yoy can't understand - aren't you
Sony failed -

Nintendo won

stop it already
house  +   1986d ago
? if anything it was a tie
pody  +   1986d ago
Wow Pachter impressive!
Baltis  +   1986d ago
Question, does it matter? I felt the entire show lacked to be honest. I don't get why we grade these companies on products that are clearly not even finished. Do we grade them on possibility or hope?
Parapraxis  +   1985d ago
What companies had products that aren't finished?
ONLY ONE....and you know who.
Mr Tretton  +   1986d ago
Always hated that little Kotaku bitch.

Get a haircut.

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