So Who Won That Silly E3 2010 Conference War Anyways?

Gamertag Radio writes:"So while it’s completely silly, we always rank the console producing companies on a scale and place them in first to third based solely on their media briefings. These rankings tend to ignite fires since they are opinion based and every gamer is looking for something different. That said, here’s mine."

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Microsoft Xbox 3602892d ago

We could really use a #35210 just to make sure.

stb2892d ago


TheDeadMetalhead2892d ago

Konami is the only correct answer. ;o

Spenok2892d ago

Lol, hilarious conference.

maddhatter1232892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

still needs another 2000 to catch up to the # of ps3 is doomed articles. you know the ones you and others posted and had no problem with soda. :)

SOAD2892d ago

How would you know? You've only been here 3 days according to your profile. Or are you just a multi-account fanboy?

maddhatter1232892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

just because i just now started commenting doesn't mean i haven't seen the stupidy of some people on this site. i love how 360 ownes try to pretend things never happened if they think you don't know something. getting mad when you know i'm right that is just sad. also you weren't even a member then so how would you know i was making things up? are you a multi account fanboy? i'm guessing by how you jumped to soda's defense and your name that you are him.

MRMagoo1232892d ago

if you shuffle SOAD letters you make SODA hmmmmmmmmm

SOAD2892d ago

No, I'm not Soda. My name stands for system of a down. I don't know what his name stands for. Nice try, though.

Why did you choose to create an account 3 days ago after years of silence?

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eagle212893d ago

Nintendo for obvious reasons only fanboys can deny. :)

Samus HD2892d ago

you are totally right
nintendo did won E3 100%

Knghtz2892d ago

You got 1 and 2 switched. Also, number 3 should be number 4

eagle212892d ago

Some people obviously didn't watch the E3 I did. Nintendo won that. :)

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Samus HD2892d ago ShowReplies(6)
Samus HD2892d ago

Wii nr.1
nintendo won E3
MS may be the second
sony very disappointing

as I say
3.Sony (Fail) (thay didn't bring something new thy just created the Wii , that we already have

Now i think we are clear

Hellsvacancy2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Personally, Gabe Newell announcin Steam was the big winner

EVERY thing-else we knew of, 3DS, 360-Slim, KillZone 3 etc, Steam was the only thing that no-1 saw cummin, my jaw dropped

eggbert2892d ago

a lot of the casual games coming, but they aren't exactly exciting for me.

multipayer2892d ago

Maybe, but nobody was quite sure what 3DS looked like or if it was even technically as good as an iphone... Nintendo delivered.

Still getting portal 2 on PC, the features steam brings like their cloud service should really be brought to the whole system by sony themselves, and it is pathetic xbox live doesnt have it. But I think by the end of this console cycle they will have it... Leaving you wondering why you're using steam for this 1 game...

DarkTower8052892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

We all knew, or some of us, that the 3DS would look just like the other ds systems. It was no shocker. The biggest shocker was Gabe's fat ass wobbling on stage. Next, I would say 360s.

Nintendo fans have been starving for good games (eventhough not 1 original ip was announced)so it just seems like they won to them, but to everyone else they were 2nd place. Sony announced just as many blockbuster ips, plus new ones. Then the Valve deal, more solid footage of the Move,and PS+ details, and it's over as far as any real gamer is concerned.

morkendo2892d ago


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