Molyneux Wants People Beating Fable 2...With One Button

Peter Molyneux has simplified combat to just one button in Fable 2, hopefully enticing casual gamers to play while still rewarding hardcore gamers with upgrades based upon the use of advanced maneuvers in the system. But either way, Molyneux wants players beating the game.

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Bigmac5734162d ago

I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Have fun with this one, guys.

JsonHenry4161d ago

Combat in the Legend of Zelda franchise has almost always been one button combat and no one ever complained about that. Resident Evil is nothing but a trigger to pull your weapon up and then a fire button, no one complains about that.

I say give it a chance. It has worked in other great games, it could very well work in this one.

PS360WII4162d ago

weak. Yeah I've read a few of his interviews and for a dev he's pretty lazy when it comes to what he wants for gameplay. I have the first Fable and while it was fun I just never got into it the way I thought I would. I don't know about this guy though he's trying to make games even more casual then Nintendo is.

THE_JUDGE4162d ago

and the stuff I have seen for this one looked good but to hear the dev say that is just plain lame. I don't want to play a game that my grandma could beat in her sleep. One button? Why don't you make it SceneIt compatible so all you have to do is hit the big red button? I'm extremly disappointed.

Rhezin4162d ago

hey BigMac you'll be eating your own bullsh!t words when the game comes out this time next year, then you can laugh at how dumb you are.

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The story is too old to be commented.