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ABC: The Motion Control Video Game War Has Only Just Begun

ABC: Nintendo may have started the motion controller phenomenon with the Wii, but Microsoft and Sony are taking the console wars to a new level. This holiday season, there will be a three-way war for supremacy of your living room. (Kinect, Microsoft, Playstation Move, PS3, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Raoh  +   1494d ago
seems cool

but the 360 isnt offering me anything that would make me want to buy a 360 and kinect..

i got rid of my 360 a while ago and i'm not moved by alot of their games cause i can play them on either the ps3 or the pc..

kinect i was hoping for more menu controls to be shown.. and there is a problem i hear with controlling it while sitting down.. well i lay down sometimes to watch movies etc.. i have to stand up from my bed to use the controls? i'll stick with a remote and skip this until they announce better games/support

i wonder what my options are for a kinect like experience for the pc
Hallmark Moment  +   1494d ago
Well plenty of people disagree plus you're a known PS3 fanboy so no surprise there. I don't think there is a console motion war between Microsoft and Sony I just think PS3 fanboys and Sony plus some media are trying to ride Kinect's mass appeal.

The VS match is based from a "ME TOO" stance when it comes to the popularity of Kinect.
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Cevapi88  +   1494d ago
and you are a 360 troll..so whats your point?

and if anybody is trying to ride the mass appeal of a piece of tech, it is Sony and MS, who are trying to capture a piece of the casual market while also making sure that the core gamer isnt alienated...if Nintendo went HD like the other 2 companies...there would be no Move or Kinect
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1493d ago
wow......looks like a ps2 demo by dr marks with eyetoy.....***SIX YEARS AGO***
5:30 seconds into the video

hmmmm....head tracking,picture and video taking,jumping.....interesting don't you think?

here we go again.....eyetoy antigrav for ps2.looks like that tech ended up in a ps2 game.

well...a new paradigm in gaming?or microsoft on their crusade to be like sony and the ps2?

strange....as if youtube has gotten rid of this video in all forms.like it's being wiped off the internet for some reason....

wonder where microsoft got their idea to control the xmb from...
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No Way  +   1493d ago
Though some looks good.
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Dave1351  +   1493d ago
If i was 8 years old i would love kinect! but sadly im 19 and ill me buying playstation move
Monteblanco  +   1493d ago
"I've heard nothing but excitement surround Kinect and its controller-free technology."

I've heard differently.
Bell Boy  +   1493d ago
Was it me or did she demonstrate a yoga stretch the mums could do while playing the rafting game but the character did not replicate????

What fun it will be to stand and jump, lean left, lean right, wash repeat....pmsl

I am sorry but this is like the real life adaptation of the emperors new clothes. The type of games they seem to be showing look like they have a life expectation of 5 minutes...

They should market this to chucky cheese and install them in their,,mind you most games in there are more involved
sanman  +   1493d ago
Nintendo's Wii may be showing its age after having held its lead for so long, but that only positions Nintendo to release a next generation of console that could again leapfrog the competition technologically, even as Microsoft and Sony continue to play catchup in motion control.

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