NA PSN Store Update: Heavenly Sword Demo, MGS4 Demonstration

The North American PlayStation Network store has just been updated, with the expected demo of Heavenly Sword, a Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay demonstration, and a few new trailers.

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Retro-Virus4130d ago

Talk about turning about turning up the heat,


Real Gambler4130d ago

Definitively next-gen kicking in. Sure there's still little things here and there, but so many very neat combos. Very smooth transistion from cinematic to in-game. Sound is awesome, you can hear noises and voices from all your speakers. Pre-order, pre-order, pre-order. Two long months to wait...

And yes, the demo is extremely short. Way too short. I need more. But at least we can pratice those combos until we get them down solid.

Azures4130d ago

An hour left at work dammit! Arrgr!

WaggleLOL4130d ago

If you have a PSP you can remotely start downloading everything from any place in the world that has a live connection. Very cool.

Marceles4130d ago

That's what I did...too bad I have 3 more hours of work. :( The trailers are keeping me a little company...

Mr_Kuwabara4130d ago

One of the best list so far.

HungPHAT4130d ago

Awesome !!! but very Short !!!

aaquib24130d ago

New gripshift, heavenly sword, resident evil 5 trailer, mgs4 demonstration, WOW! THIS IS LIVING.

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The story is too old to be commented.