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Getting Free Medal of Honor Beta Keys

Through just browsing the internet, the admin of Crysis 2 Forums has found out a way to get Free Beta Keys for Medal of Honor. (Medal of Honor, PC, PS3)

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Nitrowolf2  +   1936d ago
awesome got mine
lociefer  +   1936d ago
i donno who posted this, but on behalf of every1: THANK YOU
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-Alpha  +   1936d ago
It's fairly easy to get the key now. Don't forget gamespot has a way too.

Truth be told the game is so unpolished. It's not necessarily the networking issues that are plaguing the PS3 at the moment, but rather the game is just dull. It's more close quarter like MW2, but isn't as fast as MW2. I prefer COD's sense of adrenaline speed. It's a little faster than BC2 but the blend is really weird. I'll give it a deeper go at it, especially once networking issues are fixed but it's highly unpolished. Yes, it's just a beta, but the BC2 beta was awesome and I question if they'd change much.

I'm a little upset DICE is spreading themselves thin over 3 games-- BF3, BC2, and MoH. I'd like them to focus on the issues plaguing BC2, especially the horrid lag
Lionhead  +   1936d ago | Helpful
I posted this 7 hours ago =(

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DJexs  +   1936d ago
for sure one of the best posts I have seen in a long time
Rumor  +   1936d ago
i love these guys
Lionhead  +   1936d ago
If anyone is having problems or needs I got an extra PS3 code
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FA-SHO  +   1936d ago
I'll take the ps3 code
dalibor  +   1936d ago
Thanks for the tip man. It still works. Gave you a bubble. Lock and load.
captain-obvious  +   1936d ago
im in
hopfully its good or else i'll get black ops
hakis86  +   1936d ago
THANKS! awesome tip :D
BubZ-SkullY  +   1936d ago

bubbles for lionhead too!!! as he posted this first already, best share.

i also need the vip code from bbc, when will it be available to every??
Are_The_MaDNess  +   1936d ago
for the PS3 AND PC guys out there,
ask for the PS3 key then use it on the PS3, but you can also use it on the PC, just log in with the mail you used to get the PS3 key
(i don't know if this will work for everyone but, it worked for me)

@BubZ-SkullY you can buy the VIP key in the in-game store in BFBC2
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claterz  +   1936d ago
I got my key thanks to Linohead yesterday lol. And after 3 hours of trying, finally got it working!! can't wait to get into the beta.
Coffin87  +   1936d ago
Hmm my mail said:
"Thanks for your interest in the Command & Conquer 4 Open Beta. We're currently limiting the rate at which we're distributing keys, but we've just secured you a place in line. We'll display your key here when we release more keys in the coming days, and we'll be sure to notify you by email as well."

Guess I gotta wait a little.
taco_tom237  +   1936d ago
can someone please pm me a ps3 code i cant get the site to work
Mista T  +   1936d ago
I approve that this works, got a beta code! everybody approve this!!!!!
djsean  +   1936d ago
Thanks Mista.

Hope this gets approved quick before keys run out.
Mista T  +   1936d ago
I got it for PS3. it should work for pc also of course. I'm currently downloading, 25%!!!

I'll get one for ma buddy too :)

Edit: don't know his ea account, oh well :P
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djsean  +   1936d ago
Yep, it works for PC as well. I am playing the PC Version now.

Beta is available for PC + PS3 :D
BiggCMan  +   1936d ago
i dont think my code is appearing, i followed the instruction, i got to the page that said "get your voucher code" i clicked it, and now im on a page that says beta key redemption portal, with a black box underneath which i assume has the code behind it. please reply.
Silly gameAr  +   1936d ago
Holy crap it worked lol.
Silly gameAr  +   1936d ago
Man can't play it! Only people with access to the BFBC2 VIP club can play. Oh well, thanks anyway.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1936d ago
People can play in early time with VIP Codes.

But I believe people with normal codes they can play starting in Monday.
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Silly gameAr  +   1936d ago
Cool, i'll try it then.
hybridtheory12  +   1936d ago
crap it worked :D
necksnappa  +   1936d ago
Are you
Kiddding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ahahhahahahah yes it worked wowowowoowowow
TheZink  +   1936d ago
worked for me too!
Paradise  +   1936d ago
Got mine thanks for the heads up
Jonoc33  +   1936d ago
didn't work :/
EDIT: Yes it did, just Firefox was having problems. Use Chrome people!
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subzero-08  +   1936d ago
Make sure the last digit is copied if you copy & pasted it. I had that problem and couldn't figure it out at first. The last part only had 3 digits when I first tried.
subzero-08  +   1936d ago
Great, just got my code!
capinchronic  +   1936d ago
Sweet just got mine.. credit goes to Lionhead <--------- THANKS DUDE
house  +   1936d ago
thank you lion head you got me and my best friend codes bubbles to lion head!!
RememberThe357  +   1936d ago
Ok I just tried it and it didn't work
The code didn't load up the first time then when i tried to load it up again it said that that my code was already in use. Bull shit...

EDIT: Had to create a new Gamespot account but I got a new code and it worked.
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rezzah  +   1936d ago
SWEET! it worked perfectly, thx for the help =)


Its downloading right now ^_^
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commander  +   1936d ago
but u have to be vip. What a joke. Ea does the same bullshit actifail does yet they still are looked at as good guys. Why do I have to be VIP to test your product?
Hyldig  +   1936d ago
easy now...
Having BC2 only gives 4 days early access. People witout BC2 VIP can play on monday.
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vickers500  +   1935d ago
You're rewarded for preordering games by being allowed early access to a beta. How is treating loyal fans of their product nicely a bad thing?
ottoman_239  +   1936d ago
Nice it worked
WetN00dle69  +   1936d ago
Everyone Lionhead deserves bubbles!
Its thanks to him that all of us can get free MOH Beta codes he posted this tut a couple of hours ago!
I gave you a bubble! Thanks a billion Lionhead!
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Cregan4584  +   1936d ago
I agree. Every give Lionhead bubbles or I'll buy an Xbox! I'm serious man, don't make me do it!
Cryptech  +   1936d ago
I am really not that impressed by the beta. Lots of work needs to be done. Feels like an alpha build really. Hit dectetion, net code unoptimized, and lots of freezes. To be expected, of course, in a beta. Even with the a lot of fixes I dont see myself pickling this game up. Heres my short review: BFBC2 + MW2 = MoH. It plays like MW2 and looks like BFBC2. Take MW2 graphics and dumb them down then take BFBC2 gameplay and dumb it down, it just isn't fun for me. You kind of only get half the best of two worlds, which should be one, but it feels like none. If that makes sense?
Dave1351  +   1936d ago
yea i love it but i hate the people complaining that theres not enough recoil on guns. I think its perfect the way it is
bleachrulez  +   1936d ago
like no way ! thank you so much !!
Evil_Ghosty  +   1936d ago
Works! Thanks heaps!
kingofps3  +   1936d ago
thanks yoo for this info.
kingjoker34  +   1936d ago
I just got about 20 of the codes, and ima give em away to friends!
spektical  +   1936d ago
lol i just got 3 for friends in case they fix it soon.
xplosneer  +   1936d ago
Can I have one?

The stupid servers are jammed and there's a black, blank box now.

(If you have extras afterword)
velocitygamer  +   1936d ago
Yo dude, can I have a code? Please. I promise I'll be good!
saf100792  +   1936d ago
won't work
I tried this but when it loads the page where it says beta key redemption portal the big box is blank. Any help?
spektical  +   1936d ago
happend to me the first time. try clearing your cache, or try a different email
saf100792  +   1936d ago
Still nothing..
I tried what you said and got nothing. Maybe it's because i chose ps3 and not pc?
xplosneer  +   1936d ago
Check my response below. EA can't keep up here.
jon1234  +   1936d ago
were do u lcick on the c&c beta thing??? is it the raptor?
spektical  +   1936d ago
no you dont need raptor, just click the box and sign up :)
jon1234  +   1936d ago
what box! im lost :(
jon1234  +   1936d ago
phewww nvm i found it :) sorry i panicked
Gremlin256  +   1936d ago
So what do you guys think of the game?? Found out the PC version is $60.00.. Game play is somewhat like BC2 with different graphics for me anyways..

I think this game is not worth $60..

Your opinions??
xplosneer  +   1936d ago
I'm confused
I got through it but when it said redemption it gave me a screen with no code, just blank.

Anyone get to "BETA KEY REDEMPTION PORTAL" with a blank page? Help?

Edit again: Anyone getting a black box, EA's server's are overloaded(BIG FRICKIN SURPRISE given BC2, RIGHT?). Clear you cache/cookies and try again in a half hour. They're "workin on it."
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saf100792  +   1936d ago
o lol
Thanks for that i'll try later then
btk88  +   1936d ago
wow lol it Works Thank you
x800  +   1936d ago
i get the error message VIP?
capinchronic  +   1936d ago
I cant play till the 21st because I did't buy garbage BFBC2... Anyone have a extra V.I.P code?
Hanif-876  +   1936d ago
BFBC2 is the best FPS i've ever played but as for this MOH yes its garbage
tony6767  +   1936d ago
omg wtf isame error as u x800 its seems we cant play :(
x800  +   1936d ago
I tried it on pc not ps3, will i still get the same message on ps3?
Ether  +   1936d ago
Wait, so the beta will be open to EVERYONE on June 21st?
house  +   1936d ago
you get the code so hurry and get one dude
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