Rumor: Wii Duck Hunt to be Launched Soon

Signs seem to point to the long-rumored Wii Duck Hunt being released soon. First the Wii Zapper was announced at E3. Second, and probably more important, is Gamestop/EB's listing of compatible games for the Wii Blaster, a third-party alternative to the Wii Zapper.

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ChickeyCantor4162d ago

o think it comes with the Wii zapper?

ItsDubC4162d ago

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the pack-in software for the Wii Zapper. The fingers on my other hand are crossed cuz I'm hoping that the laughing dog makes a suitable comeback.

ChickeyCantor4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

you also down to 7 with your bubbles? =D XD?
Reggie said that a demo software would be included. so i think duckhunt because there isnt much to it.

ItsDubC4162d ago

Ya, the new bubble system's in effect and it lowered bubbles for some of us =)

Man, I wish I still had my NES so I could play Duck Hunt. Guess my TI-86'll have to do for now lol.

ITR4162d ago

I have an old Power Set NES sys.
Power Pad setup with Zapper.

I hope this is the real DH!

I was wondering what had happened to all my bubbles I figured some FB's attacked them.

Phantom_Lee4162d ago

god...I want to shot that dog so that wrong?

okcomputer4162d ago

Anyone remeber the myth about there being a giant super fast duck at the end of the game that you had to shoot twenty times to kill? I remember me and my friends spending all this time trying to get to him lol. Kids are so gullible.

sumfood4u4162d ago

No copper inside it all stainless steel, so it last a life time! Duck Hunt is as Fun as the crazy dog laughing at you!

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