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Top Ten Hottest E3 2010 Booth Babes

Das Reviews toils through blood, sweat and tears to bring you the Top Ten Hottest E3 Booth Babes. It was hard, but yes, we did it just for you. Check out our Top Ten and vote for your own! (Culture, E3, Game babes)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1747d ago
¿Again? Oh wait this is now a Top Ten.
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Dee_91  +   1747d ago
ive seen better at the mall i just came from ..
qface64  +   1747d ago
number 10 the blond on the left looks better than MOST of the others on this list
my opinion
ECM0NEY  +   1747d ago
i wasnt impressed this year
Yi-Long  +   1746d ago
Same here...
... give me the Tokyo Game Show babes over these any day of the week!
Spenok  +   1746d ago
Also agree. Though there were still some lookers.
Proxy  +   1747d ago
I wonder how these girls get these jobs?
And what do they do after E3 is over?
dalibor  +   1746d ago
They hook up with some of the gamers there. Uhh yeaah. And it's 7. Dead Rising 2 Zombie Model for me hehe.
Rock Bottom  +   1746d ago
Motor shows model, low budget models, TV commercials, tiny acting rules, college students, waitresses, hooters waitresses, strippers, chasing rich men in bars, hosting shows on G4, pornstars, etc...

The world is full of opportunities.
Anon7349  +   1746d ago
Is it just me...
Or do all of those women look like the same generic blondes/brunettes repeated over again, and again, and again with different companies paying them?

I MUCH prefer the TGS, mainly because...

1. Less Huge Fake Boobies
2. Huge variety in what they dress in/lots of cosplayers
3. Japanese girls..


Didn't notice there was a poll on the bottom of the page, too bad there isn't a "none of them" option.

I much prefer real people(Videogame characters will also suffice) than creepy fake models with man-jaws.
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darkequitus  +   1746d ago
The majority looked a bit ruff to be honest.
Rock Bottom  +   1746d ago
Also, in TGS lots of the babes are real video games fans who love to coseplay.
8thnightvolley  +   1746d ago
this gurls got nuthin on d chicks i deal wit, they r like plastic

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