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Submitted by rivithed 1989d ago | news

Dead Space 2 Limited Edition exclusive on PS3 with Dead Space Extraction; pre-order priced at $59.99

During Sony's E3 Press conference, Electronic Arts' Visceral Games announced a Dead Space 2 Limited Edition will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3. The Limited Edition features the Dead Space 2 PS3 game and Dead Space Extraction (in HD, with PlayStation Move support).

A listing at GameStop reveals that the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition is priced at $59.99, the same MSRP as its Xbox 360 counterpart. (Dead Space 2, EA, Industry, Playstation Move, PS3)

Baltis  +   1989d ago
I pre-ordered from Amazon already and it didn't say anything about Extraction at all. I'll have to wait and reorder it looks like. But the game looks to be a huge departure from the first and kind of not in a good way. We'll see.
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DJexs  +   1989d ago
this is really a great deal and it makes me want to pre order it I hope amazon does come with the extraction
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1989d ago
I never knew anything about Dead Space but when I saw the Dead Space 2 demo at Sony E3 presentation I was blown away because it blew Resident Evil 5 out of space!

Its very Japanese yet American made!

And most of all No Japanese Cliches!

Just blatant scarefest!

Capcom must be so green with jealousy!

With Extraction Wii owners might be jealous too.

PS3 gamers are so lucky...... and spoiled rotten! ha ha ha!

Move purchase confirmed!
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Sillyace92  +   1989d ago
I think it's built in the game. You'll be able to access it via the Dead Space 2 menu or extras.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1989d ago
Medal of Honor with Move support and remastered Frontlines, Dead Space 2 with Extraction with Move support, Portal 2 with Steam connection, Mafia 2 exclusive content, Assassins Creed Brotherhood exclusive content....

Sony is all about enhancing the gameplay experience.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1989d ago
PS3 being the lead platform will change everything!
Cryptech  +   1989d ago
Lead platform indeed, did you see how many stage demos were done on a PS3 and not an XBOx, does that teach us anything?
dragunrising  +   1989d ago
Including Dead Space Extraction is what sealed the deal for me as a multiconsole owner.

I'm excited for Move. I rented DS Extraction for the Wii and wished on more than one occasion for more accurate shooting mechanics. Nevertheless, it was a great addition to the Dead Space franchise.

I wonder if Dead Space 2 will use Move? Anyone know? It would make sense to include it although I only read of Extraction using it.
Arsenic13  +   1989d ago
That would be a great deal. So you end up getting Extraction for free. Nice move on Sony's part. Bah, shame I get all multiplat games on 360. Same with Portal. Im torn!
seij555  +   1989d ago
From now on, you should get multiplatforms on PC or PS3.
-MD-   1989d ago | Trolling | show
Dnied  +   1989d ago
PS3 has become the lead platform by developers choice, why not?

I used to get them all for xbox too but lately I've been switching over
raztad  +   1989d ago
Dead Space Extraction with Move support is not a costume.

To tell the true I'm not that excited about an on-rail shooter, but it actually makes the PS3 version a better value out of the box.
weazel  +   1989d ago
Oh the horror murderdolls!!! Multiplats on the PS3?!????
Way to over react dude.
Best go and lie down in a darkened room..
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Venatus-Deus  +   1989d ago
I buy all multiplatforms for the PS3 due to 4 reasons:

Listed in order of preference/reason:

1) The noise from the dvd drive on the 360 (seriously it’s that loud)
2) Friends list
3) Controller
4) Trophies (I prefer Platinum’s to just a total score)

However somebody could same exactly the same about their preferences for using the 360 for Multiplatform’s (except the disk noise)
ViciousBoston  +   1989d ago

Ya know I never thought you were that huge of a fangirl but apparently you are. PS3 has become the new choice for Multiplatform games. Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Rockstar, ect. Just get used to it. Xbox got off on the market first and took away the install rate and did a great job at holding the PS3 back. I give Microsoft alot of credit for knowing how to take advantage and level a playing field. That doesn't change the fact that Sony was eventually going to pull its head out of its ass and get back to reality. Sony is the industry leader in terms of innovation in hardware and in creativity in titles. Now that PS3 has gotten the ball rolling, I don't see it stopping anytime soon especially after this years E3.

After Microsofts conference how confident do you feel about Xbox going forward? Honestly anwser without any fanboy rage. I looked at it objectively and watched their conference and I wasn't blown away. They had alot of cute moments with Kinectimals but they didn't show anything new aside Crytek working on their system exclusively. I don't know Murder but...If i was you I wouldn't be all that excited for my Xbox future.
ThaOutKast  +   1989d ago
Are you bound by contract or something to get all multiplats on 360? I mean I am sure you can make some exeptions for the likes of Portal 2, Medal of Honor, and Dead Space 2.
zetsuei1  +   1989d ago
Great Move from Sony
and EA at the same time.

Sony its all about serious business now, going to eat some space from M$ at multiplataform so they can weaken even more the company which doesnt have any great exclusives besides Gears and Halo Reach (and maybe the Crytek one) and also doesn't have any investment on First-party developers.

The only thing Sony could do now to give the final blow its reveal a price cut at GamesCom or TGS so people from Europe can go Ape with GT5 and SingStar and Japan go crazy with GT5 (which sells there too) with Ape Escape or any other treat that Sony has behind close doors.
despair  +   1989d ago
didn't they say Extraction and Medal of Honor Frontline was coming in every copy standard of Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor not Limited edition, thats what I heard.
bageara  +   1989d ago
Thats what Jack said
sikbeta  +   1989d ago
Awesome, 2 Games x $60 = Day One...
XxRoosterxX  +   1989d ago
I was going to buy this anyway, but I'll take a free game as well. :)
branchedout  +   1989d ago
And I jizzed. in. my pants.
blumatt  +   1989d ago
lmao at Lonely Island reference. haha
MetalGearBear  +   1989d ago
Nice Deal!!!!!!!!!
day one!!!
rock_solid  +   1989d ago
good deal, but I'm getting the superior version the PC.
rock_solid  +   1989d ago
hmm.. come to think about it, you'll pay $59.99 for that limited edition, also you'll pay around $100 to get the Move. this is not a good deal after all.
HighTreason  +   1989d ago
You pay 60 bucks for Dead Space 2 (same price as standard edition)and you get DS: Extration for free.

You wanna play it with Move? be my guest.

Don't be a fanboy because nobody is forcing you to get Move.

PS3 games = value+
rock_solid  +   1989d ago
there is no point in playing extraction without the move.
Lionhead  +   1989d ago
rock_solid is mad that 360 version doesn't get Extraction

It's ok to cry Xbox fanboy
HighTreason  +   1989d ago
Oh I see, we're buying DS2 to play DS: Extraction now, I get it.

Man STFU, its an extra, an added bonus. I know you're not used to getting free stuff from Microsoft, but this is the PS3.

It only does everything.
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Rockstar  +   1989d ago
This is actually a fantastic strategy as well
I'm going to be buying DS2 for my PS3.I could care less about motion control games and have no interest in playing any of them. I also imagine that there are quite a few people in the same boat.
Now lets imagine for a second...I'm in possession of extraction and I want to give it a go (hey it was free,why not?)now I have to go but the move controller to do so.

Brilliant strategy to get move into more hands.
Will it work?
My guess...Yes.
Stationfan  +   1989d ago
Or you can also say your buying what the wii HD whishes to be, NOW and only for 100.00 (well if you already own the ps3)

My ps3 just became two consoles,
beardpapa  +   1989d ago
with that kind of logic you might as well not get the game. Unless you don't have a ps3, you're practically skipping out on an extra game. It's not like they're forcing you to get a move to play DeadSpace2, and no where does it say Move is mandatory to play extraction. It just says there's move support.

Your logic is almost like saying you won't get Racing Game Collection because a driving wheel is too expensive and it's not the same playing on a controller, but you'll purchase the single Racing Game for the same price on the superior PC version instead and play using the keyboard. But again, if you don't have a PS3 it's completely fine.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1989d ago
Well, I have Dead Space 1 for PC.

But knowing Dead Space 2 is leading on PS3, and is including another game for free, Dead Space Extraction, without a doubt I will buy it for PS3.
red2tango  +   1989d ago
PS3 is killing it!
Ravage27  +   1989d ago
i'm a huge fan of Deadspace
Fantastic deal imo, definitely pushing me towards getting a Move soon.

This is FAR better than some lame exclusive DLC deal that holds back content from the opposing console.
Jason143  +   1989d ago
Not the first time they have done this ya know. Dantes was the divine edition etc etc. Finally they are begining to realise how to use a blu ray.
Nihilism  +   1989d ago
I'm just f-ing glad this game is coming to PC still, sucks it won't come with extraction but meh, i'll live
sajj316  +   1989d ago
E3 2010 will known as the time period where the shift from 360 lead dev went to PS3 lead. DSpace 2 looks outstanding!
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1989d ago
you'd be a fool
to pass this kinda of offer up on PS3. i mean its two games in one. lets see i could pay 64.05(after tax) for DS2 on anther system and just get that game. Or, i could spend the same 64.05 on the PS3 version and get the DS:E experience included. simple no brainer if u ask me. single console owners, sorry youre left out of this POV.
emk2004  +   1989d ago
do you have to have a move controller to play extraction tho? cause i wasnt planning on picking move up but i loved extraction.
despair  +   1989d ago
nah it'll have DS3 support also but move would make it better probably

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