How GTA IV will reshape the series

Ever since the first GTA IV trailer was released it's been pretty apparent that the game is going to be quite unlike any of Rockstar's previous crime epics. We know it's got a new, gritty edge that's very much dipped in realism and that the extra ooomph of PS3 and Xbox 360 will bring massive cosmetic and technical improvements. However, after recently seeing the game demoed at Rockstar HQ, we know that GTA IV is also going to play unlike other GTAs. And we mean that in the best possible way.

Based on what we saw in the latest GTA IV demo, here are the new elements that we think are going to make Rockstar's newest addition to its multi-million selling franchise a totally fresh experience...

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highps34160d ago

Anyone happen to know?

I deinfately have my doubts about this game now a days, a lot has changed, but from what everyone says and screenshots its looken good..

NTSC-J4160d ago

Yes MS will charge for it. And I think a lot of people misunderstand what "Episodic content" means. It is more than just a few missions. It will be 2 very significant add ons to the story line

D_U_I4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

About GTA this time around. The getaway 3 and 2 days to vegas will keep me happy. :)

Edit: I had both getaway's on ps2 and i loved them, meaning the getaway on ps3 will be a great game for me. And i think i could take a risk with 2 days to vegas, it did look promising.

PS-Wii-604160d ago

and personally, I love the Getaway series

But, don't forget about Hei$t and Infamous!

Lex Luthor4160d ago

The getaway games is one of the crappest series i had the pleasure of playing.

Odion4160d ago

so your giving up on the king of the genre to play a franshise that has follow inot medicore last gen and an unproven IP?

RadientFlux4160d ago

I just hope that Rockstar fixed the aiming and camera issues with last few GTA games (GTA3 and up).

PS-Wii-604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

the cover system.

Sure, it's a nice addition but, with the way law enforcement has ALWAYS materialized and popped up out of nowhere (especially right behind you) it makes taking cover pointless and ultimately useless.

Since no articles have touched on this aspect, I'll give R* the benefit of the doubt and assume they've addressed that blatant downside.
Otherwise, I'll say screw the cover and do like I always do; run like a motherf*cker, with gunz a-blazin' ;)

Tsalagi4160d ago

I haven't thought about that. I hope Rockstar took that into consideration because the whole reason we get a cover system this time is because the cops are supposed to be more difficult.

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