Heavenly Sword Demo Now available in Europe

Yes finally, the demo is now available on the PS Store in EU.

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TriggerHappy3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

This is the shortest demo that you will ever play. Is only 5 minutes long but a hell lot of fun.

Impressions and Tips

Man impressions are coming in already whiles other people are struggling to get the download.

pilotpistolpete3708d ago

5 min=1Gb

Damn!, I'm glad ps3 does have blu-ray. I can see it now, every 35 min or so: "insert disk X"

zoibie3708d ago

So what, is it going to self destruct after being played?

Marceles3708d ago

Downloading it at work from remote play on PSP :). This is going to be the longest day of work ever :(, I can't wait to get home.

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razer3708d ago

begging for bubbles in every post.. If you make decent comments instead of running your mouth in Xbox 360 threasds like a fanboy you might actually keep what you get.

Devilbringer3708d ago

IM downloading it Now Cant w8 to try it out!

boi3708d ago

yea same here 30% now hehe