SDCC 07: Nintendo a No-Go at Comic-Con?

With over 60 playable games at Comic-Con this year the event is starting to become as game-oriented as it is comics, movies, and television. This year San Diego is hosting a gigantic Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament by Konami, as well as Lost Planet and Super Puzzle Fighter HD tourneys at the gigantic Capcom booth for hardcore gamers to drool over.But where's Nintendo? Oddly enough, the Big N simply isn't at the event...

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PS360WII4156d ago

probably cuz they think Comic-Con has to deal with Comics which in all honesty should be about. Why are gaming devs forcing themselves in others events?

ItsDubC4156d ago

Foreal, Comic-Con has expanded to include movies, TV shows, and videogames, and all of a sudden the bringers of such media are EXPECTED to show up?

I think the main reason this is news is simply because Nintendo showed up at least year's Comic-Con.

Dlacy13g4156d ago

Could it be that most comic collectors are gamers? I mean seriously...I would venture to say that 95% if not higher of that group of people play video games. So that said...its a very, very natural tie-in. And even more of a tie-in when you have comic book based games to show.

It's a natural fit and a great place to get a word of mouth campaign going...i.e. "Dude, I saw this sweet new game at comi con last week." , etc... It just is a good demographic for them to target.

djt234155d ago

i still believe that Comic-Con should to deal with Comics, anime ,manga and anime or cartoon tv show. If they have naruto or cartoon games i think they should show it but a company like nintendo don't have to go because it have more important thing to do.