The 3DS can’t fail

Critical Gamer writes: If I wasn’t certain about it before E3 there isn’t any room left for doubt; the 3DS will be the most successful handheld of all time. Barring worldwide sterility, extraterrestrial invasion or all-out nuclear warfare (which may happen if North Korea are eliminated from the World Cup), the 3DS looks well placed to become an unqualified success. If it isn’t I will eat the hats of every homeless person in the northern hemisphere, and that’s a lot of tick infested items of clothing. So why would anyone risk contracting every disease know to man with such a pointless showboating wager? In my opinion failure for the 3DS is nigh on impossible.

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Anarki2895d ago

I never liked the DS, but I'll be buying this. It's like PSP meets DS + 3D!

I shall be pre ordering this as soon as I know the price.

kewlkat0072895d ago

feelings towards it. Does anyone know if there will be a 3DS-XL?

gtamike2895d ago

Lower graphics than PS1 in 3D hmmm I'll pass.

poopface12895d ago

a sony fanboy who has never even played a ps1?

3ds is looking sweet. I hope its less than 200, Nintendo has the money to take a loss at first and sell a bunch of software, I hope they do taht.

shadow27972895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

You haven't been keeping up with things, have you?

The 3DS is the next generation of the DS (Think Gameboy>Gameboy Color>Gameboy Advanced). The 3DS will have graphics on par with the Gamecube (Once people adjust to the hardware, of course).

That said, even the original DS has better than PS1 graphics, so I'm guessing you're just trolling.

meganick2895d ago

gtamike knows damn well that the 3DS looks better than the PS1. He's made similar comments about how the 3DS is "lower than PS1 graphics" in other 3DS articles. He's just trolling.

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HighDefinition2895d ago

Nintendo runs the handheld market. So.....yeah.

gtamike2895d ago

PSP is a better console hands down.

Ocelot5252895d ago

you forget a "2" in your sentence

turok2895d ago

... say that u are 100% wrong.

JsonHenry2895d ago

I will actually stand in line for this. I haven't owned a handheld since I bought the PSP and then sold two months later.

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IDesertFoxI2895d ago

It's certainly looking very promising from what we've seen at E3. At the moment I'm thinking it may even sneak into they day one purchase category, depending on the price.

scruffy_bear2895d ago

Lazard Capital Markets has predicted a late 2010 launch for the Nintendo 3DS portable in Japan, followed by a North American launch in March at $249-$299. From

I hope they wrong

wiggles2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

But damn that price point is wayy to high.....I think I will wait for $170-200...or maybe some sweet Amazon deal :)

R6ex2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Can't wait to get the 3DS 'coz I hate the PSP controls layout.

shadow27972895d ago

The only difference in buttons (besides Start, Select, etc.) is that the analogue stick and D-Pad are in the opposite place. And then there's the touch screen.

So what about the control layout do you like better? The 3DS has a lot of advantages over the PSP, but the layout doesn't seem to be one of them, imo.

Titanz2895d ago

The 3DS will succeed because its more than just a handheld gaming device.Watching 3D movies on it, makes it "casual friendly".

scruffy_bear2895d ago

Was shocked when Nintendo said you could watch 3D moviews. 3DS is ticking all the right boxes. Day one for sure :) way to go Nintendo

Pidgeridoo2895d ago

Looking forward to picking up 3DS next year

scruffy_bear2895d ago

So far that's 5 of us getting the 3DS next year.

DarkestTemplar2895d ago

..that you 5 won't be the only ones getting it.

Nintendo's gonna need industrial-sized rakes to collect all the money that people are about to shower them with.

yess2895d ago

The price is a big factor here.
I don't think it comes cheap..

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