Russian girl gamers take on the boys

A new Russian sports team is starting to grab some major championship medals. The "Megapolis" team made up of three young women is doing virtual battle in the world of computer gaming and seems to be just a click away from winning a world title.

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Premonition3860d ago

There should be more things like this in gaming, I would like to see more competition :)

PS-Wii-603860d ago

BTW, that tall blonde can pwn me anyday!

The Real Joker3860d ago

I would brown my d1ck in all of them.

PS-Wii-603860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

it gives her delight"

How HOT is that?!

cityofgod3860d ago

the last two chicks kinda look a bit butch

dork07833860d ago

the more girls the better it is for me and you LOL!

MyNutsYourChin3860d ago

Gaming has historically been male dominated and it's nice to see females getting involved in the cultural phenomenon of video games. Personally, I'd love to watch a match where some girl owns a hardcore male gamer. That's would be great to see.

NRG3860d ago

Agreed. The problem is so many girls just play to "prove themselves" in front of the boys. I can't understand where that comes from. The guys don't give a crap. They just like to win like anybody else in any other sport. Most guys I know love to play with chicks regardless if they're awful or awesome.

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