Saints Row 2 Review (Goozernation)

Saints Row 2 was called the GTA IV killer. What GTA IV lacks this game has, from customization of cars, people, and cribs, to quick missions and drop in and out co-op. Gamers everywhere owe it to themselves to get this game, which is a shining example of an open world game. The question is when can gamers expect a Saints Row 3?

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roblef3106d ago

I like it that the reviewer spent time with an "older" title. There's so many games, and all are expensive. Why NOT review one that's not fresh out of the gate?

SlaughterMeister3106d ago

Because no one cares? There are plenty of old reviews for old games.

It is absolutely illogical, and the only reason why I clicked on this article is to say so.

bgrundman3106d ago

There is really no need to be a troll. The internet already has too many.

4221853106d ago

Aren't you a little late to the party?