Heavenly Sword: Hands-on - A day with a near final version..

Will Freeman of Pro-G writes: " From the first cut-scene it strikes you. The emotion in the characters' faces is simply superb and, combined with both voice acting and motion-captured physical performances from true legends of Hollywood like Stephen Birkoff, creates some of the most compelling watching seen in any game."

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Rama262854099d ago

I can't wait - I hope it doesn't let me down!!!

ShAkKa4099d ago

i bet you wont be dissapointed.

LSDARBY4099d ago

This game is looking awsome, and pro-g seemed to be really impressed. I cant wait to play the demo later. :D

Frulond4099d ago

I totally love this game already!!!!!!!
Can't wait to get home this evening and download the demo (which should be there... MUST BE THERE OR...)

Rowland4099d ago

This should be stunning.

sonarus4099d ago

dnt think i have heard a single negative thing bout this game. Looks like sony just piled on another great franchise on their system

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The story is too old to be commented.