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Sony Steals E3 Thunder in Style

Sony went all out during their E3 conference. Not only did exclusives get announced, but many other surprises were revealed. Gamers have been debating on whether Sony ‘won’ E3 2010, and by the amount of expected, and, of course, unexpected announcements made, it sure is a strong belief. Sony showed their plans for 3D and revealed a slew of titles which would be receiving 3D updates as well as demonstrating a strong focus on the PlayStation Move which led to the announcement of several PlayStation exclusives for their motion controller. PSLS goes through a run down on how Sony really did steal E3’s thunder, and in style. (E3, PS3, Sony)

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doctorstrange  +   1772d ago
Loved Sony's E3, twas awesome
ps3gamerkyle  +   1772d ago
Kevin Butler made my E3.
Boody-Bandit  +   1772d ago
I couldn't stop laughing when KB showed up all the way until he walked off stage (Don't forget the lemon. "I never do.) "BUT" I almost fell out of my chair when Gabe Newell walked out and on to the stage. Between KB, Gabe and Jaffe, Sony without question brought the thunder and the surprises. Especially with all the exclusives they have.

For me personally, my best announcement was GT5 release date and seeing the Infamous trailer. I absolutely loved the first Infamous (one of the most fun games I played this gen) and I cant wait to play the sequel.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1772d ago
When Gabe walked out, I figured someone had divided by zero.
sikbeta  +   1772d ago
Sony E3 was Totally Awesome, it could be even better if they cut the lot of talking that was there, It's more than enough with Jack, Kaz and Peter to end up listening to the EA guy blabling, leaving that aside, The Conference was Huge in So Many Ways...

KZ3 = Awesome
Move + Sorcery + Heroes on the Move = Awesome
Dead Space 2 + Extraction for PS3 = Awesome
New MOH + Frontline = Awesome
A little bit of MotorStorm:Apocalypse in a Montage = WTF? Anyway, Awesome
Sly Cooper Collection in 3D = Awesome
KB doing his Job = Awesome
LBP2 = Awesome
Gabe Announcing Portal 2 and Steam = Shocking and Awesome
GT5 Trailer + Release Date = Awesome
Twisted Metal Trailer + Presentation + Gameplay = Awesome
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Donny  +   1772d ago
gabe newell and twisted metal ps3 set me over the edge, good show guys. ;)
ClownBelt  +   1772d ago
Same. I love those announcements
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Taggart451  +   1772d ago
Sony rocked the house.
While I think Nintendo beat Sony out by an inch, they both beat Microsoft by a MILE. Excellent breakdown of the whole conference.
Imperator  +   1772d ago
MS wasn't even in the running... but yea I'd say Nintendo and Sony tied for #1.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1772d ago
I have a newfound respect for Gabe.He could of just announced it on a blog or gave the scoop to IGN or something.But he chose to go to E3, step on stage at Sony's conference, basically admit he was wrong and, not only that, praise the PS3 as well.

Must of taken alot for him to do that.Kudos to you gabe!
eggbert  +   1772d ago
KB probably put a knife to his throat.

itchy18  +   1772d ago
remember? KB is the VP of sharpening things? lol
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1772d ago
Kevin Butler: VP of Sharpening Things

That one is killer!
cool cole  +   1772d ago
Absolutely agree.
Dance  +   1772d ago
im sure EA put him up to that
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1772d ago
well said

EA & Valve worked this up
zatrox  +   1772d ago
Sorry, but no.
Konami won E3.
Haven't laughed harder in months.
I seriously don't get why the disagrees.
I mean, just look at this.
How could you NOT laugh at this?!
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eggbert  +   1772d ago
zatrox  +   1772d ago
Information Minister  +   1772d ago
Having a "Deadly Premonition" moment, are we?
gtsentry  +   1772d ago
its only natural that the two gaming legends won this e3.SONY N NINTENDO
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1772d ago
It seemed liked nostalgia was the theme at E3, the nintendo wii games and the past where Nintendo and Sony fought each other for the games
lilmetal  +   1772d ago
If only...
If only The Last Guardian and/or FF Versus made an appearance, I would have broken down in tears.
I wasn't really expecting them anyway.
chidori666  +   1772d ago
kevin butler for win \o/
kevin butler>>>>> ALL OTHERS
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1772d ago
playstationlifestyle.net... Haha, right...

Sony only announced one new exclusive, Twisted Metal. Microsoft also announced one new exclusive, Codename: Kingdoms from Crytek. They showed off a few of their already announced big titles, KZ3, GT5, LB2. Same as Microsoft with Fable III, Gears 3, and Halo: Reach.

They showed some multiplatform games, DS2, AC: Brotherhood, MoH. Same as Microsoft, with Black Ops and MGS: Rising. Then they both showed their motion control devices, along with casual games for them, and how they will work with hardcore games. Move for KZ3 and LBP2, and Kinect for Forza and Fable III.

Sony showed their 3D, but it wasn't impressive right after Nintendo's unveiling of the 3DS, which you don't need glasses for. So overall, Nintendo won by miles, and Sony and Nintendo were really close, but I believe Microsoft edged out Sony with Kinect being a more fresh and innovative device, unlike the very Wii-like PlayStation Move.

People seem to agree, as Kinect is the bestseller on Amazon already in preorders, despite a supposed $150 price. Move controllers are also available for preorder but aren't selling anywhere near Kinect, despite being 1/4th the price.
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Ninjews  +   1772d ago
Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's better.
dkgshiz  +   1772d ago
Kinect isnt popular....
Its just amazon. Amazon is one place. Amazon doesn't judge how well something is selling.
dkgshiz  +   1772d ago
Twisted Metal basically owned E3.
Greysturm  +   1772d ago
I am sure it has nothing to do with marketing...
Lets see

MS: Separate event, circ du soleil, several networks deals, times square, celebrities which may or may not be on the payroll.


Space on E3 and a future coke advertising deal.

Yeah its obvious people are choosing for quality and not airtime.

If you are going by sales i can tell you sony is selling a lot more 3d tvs than Nintendos 3DS and Kinect units so it most have been a killer presentation right?.

As a marketing tool MS presentation was okay at best as an e3 gaming conference it was crap as all media outlets are reporting. Nintendos was an overall sucess and sony to a lesser degree was too so like it or not sales or no sales microsoft conference was rock bottom at this e3. Sonys upper hand against microsoft conference came in the delivery which was humourous and had a much better pacing, move games looked better according to the media and snatched exclusive content that wont be seeing the other consoles a month later. MS never showed how it connected with fable and Forza´s integration wasn´t nearly as interesting as LBP2 or K3 as it didnt make the gameplay better in anyway.

Your probably one of those guys with the tinted glasses just be carefull just because you dont want to see a wall it doesnt mean its not there.

Edit: Oh and yeah remember why FF13 was a big deal well portal 2 has a similarity with that except Sony actually snatched "The best console version" unlike the whole FF13 debacle. Finally for gamers STEAM in some way or another in consoles is a pretty big deal.
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Master of Unlocking  +   1772d ago
c/p of what I said in another thread
I just finished watching Sony's E3 2010 press conference and, how can I put it...it gave me vertigo to witness how Sony completely obliterated Microsoft, which had never lived up (or "down"?) to the 1st segment of their name like they did during this E3.
Seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears XD

Sony has shown Microsoft who's their daddy in such a spectacular fashion ever conceived by man it's not even funny, and has thereby reminded us all the reason why they've been the no1 gaming giant for 15 years. Astounding.

Serious self-introspection needed over there at Redmond.

Master of Unlocking out.
Figboy  +   1772d ago
aside from some pacing issues,
I think Sony totally took E3 this year.

They showcased their broad range of content, reinforced relationships with third parties (how quickly people forget the myriad of articles talking about 3rd parties were "abandoning ship" and moving on to Xbox 360), and had some genuine laughs (not the "i'm laughing because i feel sorry for them," at MS' presser), some great looking games, and even some surprise announcements (Heroes on the Move; no one expected to see Sly, Jak, and Ratchet in a game together, Portal 2 on PS3, Twisted Metal on PS3, etc). seeing inFAMOUS 2 in motion finally was my personal highlight, and i didn't expect to actually be looking forward to Twisted Metal, but after seeing in person, i am.

Nintendo had a great E3, and the ONLY reason i don't think they beat out Sony was because they pretty much did the same thing Nintendo ALWAYS does; throw out a Mario, Zelda, and Metroid title and call it a day. as a child of the 80's, yeah, having new iterations of my beloved franchises is great, but i'd like to see NEW CONTENT. new IPs. not just new hardware.

the 3DS looks GREAT, but the thing is, i've invested in over $1000 worth of hardware this generation, and i'm a little tired of it. i kind of need to spend money on GAMES. not more hardware. i'm interested in the 3DS (it will be my first DS; i purposefully waited, knowing that Nintendo is constantly iterating on their handhelds. see: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3DS), but not right now. the games look great though.

Microsoft. Oh, Microsoft. you had the industry in your fricking PALM for 5 years straight. and i one instant, you dropped the ball. HARD.

Halo, Gears, and Call of Duty fans are sure to be ecstatic about their new games. everyone else, however, was left out. i'm a Fable fan, but after seeing Fable 3 at E3 the other day, i have to say that, while i'm getting it asap, it's not much more than Fable 2, with a 3 slapped on the end of it. i played Crackdown 2, and, well, it was Crackdown, what can i say. it's a solid series, but i was hoping for more of an evolution of the concept, instead of a cut and paste. i'll be picking it up, though. i REALLY need something to play on my 360 right now (i've yet to get Alan Wake, so the last game i've played on my 360 was Mass Effect 2 and KOTOR 1).

Kinect just doesn't look good. it really doesn't. MOVE isn't exactly my cup of tea, either, but i went to both the Microsoft and Sony booths to check them both out, and out of the two, MOVE just looked better and more functional. watching people lean and push forward and backward to drive a car while standing in the Kinect booth just didn't seem fun. Sports Champions on the MOVE looked better than i anticipated, but i'm still not sold on motion controls. the one game that could get me to change my mind is Ape Escape PS3, and Heroes on the Move. and Ape Escape wasn't shown at E3.

this was a pretty great E3 for me, and i had a great time. the coming year looks promising for me as a PlayStation fan. the gaming industry hasn't collapsed into itself yet, and casual gaming hasn't taken over (people thinking that it has are being overly cynical. there are still LOTS of "core" games being released on a regular basis).

i don't need new hardware (3D or motion controls), but the software is looking excellent.
Spenok  +   1771d ago
Seems like you said it all for me brother.
Lifewish  +   1771d ago
KB stole the show, that's all i have to say..

oh and that Sony had one hell of a conference.

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