GT5 Takes Crashes To A Whole New Level

A new video shows just how intense crashing will be in GT5.

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AtatakaiSamurai2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Now that they can't use that anymore to exaggerate stuff, what's next? Ahh I know "lolz, teh trees & grass is teh copy 'n paste lolz, fail. I want more horticulture sim" :/

HolyOrangeCows2776d ago

It was hilarious how much they touted the calculated physics and then it ended up resembling bumper cars.

Rock Bottom2776d ago

GT5's physics will never be this good:

inveni02776d ago

I bought GT5:P, simply to experience its graphics. I'm not a racing fan at all. I've played lots of them (actually, I was really big into racing games back in the NFS:HP/HS days on PC), but I just can't get the same rush from them any more. I know people are really into GT5, though, and seeing the videos and screenshots really proves why. You just can't find a racing game that looks this good anywhere else...including PC.

baodeus2776d ago

so where is the dent formation or something like that? I didn't know car flipping is a new thing or the next level of crashing. This video didn't show anything. I mean did you guys even look at the video? Miss leading title.

Although i really love that night rally driving scene. Looks really good.

IRetrouk2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

i didnt disagree botton you but look at the nascar car after it spins, clear panel denting there mate.

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UnSelf2777d ago

omg at the gfx

lol wtf, i had no idea they were this good

Sarick2777d ago

This is the first time I've seen roll overs in GT, I've tried in in all the versions this far and never been able to roll a car. Now this simulator is looking better then ever.

In GT one I took tweeked mini box cars from the easy clubman race to ride on 2 wheels every turn. Could never get them to roll but it was funny to watch!

sikbeta2776d ago

WOW This is Totally Amazing, Yamauchi-san sure Knows How To Make a Definitive Driving Simulator


deafwing2776d ago

... one crash
... race over

I mean it's a simulator after all ...

... oh and don't forget deduction in money for repairs

Man, that's gonna be rough ... earning money in GT has always been a pain.

Proxy2776d ago

The game isn't about crashes. Small damage is nice I guess, but any real crash mine as well just present a game over screen for all I care.

They need to be very unforgiving with crashes and performance penalties if they want multiplayer to be other than a demolition derby.

rbrtchng2776d ago

Earning money in GT is extremely easy. I could earn enough money for a new F430 in like 15 minutes

Ilikegames762776d ago

noob drivers in the media will deduct points from the review and say that the game is too hard.

yess2776d ago

I actually like the 1 crash and it's over.
It makes you wanna do that driving even better...

And that is what GT is about, taking the perfect turn, make that best time etc.
Online destruction derby???
I have a freind list which is no immature people, where we can concentrate on driving nicely and competitiv...
If you just chose random people,you will meet the wrong way drivers for sure

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2776d ago
Dnied2776d ago


the last vid, first comment "turtle simulator" hahahhaaha i lol'd

Dee_912776d ago


ALFAxD_CENTAURO2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

''Forza has had crashes''

Indeed, with stupid AI in Forza there are crashes.

Good thing GT5 is the next Gen and legit Simulator and is not compared to this:

thor2776d ago

It's actually a good thing that the AI makes mistakes every so often. Makes them more human. In that second clip the AI totally failed AFTER it had made the mistake but the mistake itself (going wide on a corner and hitting the barrier) is the kind of thing you want in the game. Well maybe not a crash but going wide is good.

beardpapa2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

now they gotta show a video with full damage on.

also, I don't care too much for the rollover in this video. The night driving scenes were amazing though. Very amazing.

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Marceles2777d ago

eh...gotta say I was expecting more, but it's nice to see some damage and rollover now

Gue12776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

more? Even the interiors take damage and it affects the overall performance of the car! What more can you ask? Do you want to see the cars blow up too? 0_0

Proxy2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Maybe he wants a broken windshield on the Nascar after it get t-boned at 150 MPH?

room4142776d ago

nascar windshields are made of lexan which doesn't break or shatter

Reno172777d ago

Graphics are just amazing!!!!!

Graphics2777d ago

they didnt put any graphics under the cars when it rolls. its just black? i dont care though GT5 is still the best game in the world.

Marceles2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

look at 0:32-0:33

edit: hmm..yeah it is kinda empty there, but we'll see what happens. Still have until Nov

Sarick2777d ago

Nothing is there or it's shadowed really dark can still see the muffler. :)

Nitrowolf22777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

i don't see anything but aren't there some cars out there that actually have a cover underneath them?
yeah this car has a black cover (partially)

CernaML2777d ago

I'm sure all the premium cars will be fully modeled underneath.

viperman2402777d ago

Super GT cars cover the bottom of the car so it can get more down force.

So yea what you see is how the car is in real life.

Nitrowolf22777d ago

okay thats what i thought

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blasian2777d ago

seriously idk what to do with myself now that there a release date.. I need to play it.

Ilikegames762776d ago

start saving for a good driving wheel (G25/27) if you don't have it yet. Also a racing rig to go with that wheel.

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