Sony and Nintendo Keynote Reviews: More ‘Buck for Bang’?


"Did Nintendo & Sony deliver?

Without further ado I declare Microsoft did not deliver a keynote anywhere near last year's E3 Keynote but Nintendo and Sony did deliver by addressing all their fan's interests: from the hardcore gamers to the casual gamers, from the handheld gamers to new gamers.

Both keynotes offered a great deal more 'buck for bang' (if you pardon the reversal of the saying) than what Microsoft had to offer and show with their elaborate blockbuster 'big bang- but little substance' presentation."

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gaminoz2869d ago

There are certainly some interesting things shown this E3 but I think that in general there was too much that we knew or was the same for it to be all that exciting.

Certainly the more exciting things had nothing to do with shooters which seem to mostly look samish or are sequels.

Nintendo seems to rehash the same characters they always do in new games.

I was hoping for some different announcements, but in vain. Still, 3DS and Sorcery look interesting, and I've been waiting for a Goldeneye remake for yonks.

FarEastOrient2869d ago

The 3DS is going to be the hardcore and casual gamers cocaine that will make them want to eventually buy a 3D enabled TV in 2-3 years time (Be it with glasses or not).

BadCircuit2869d ago

I'm really not into the whole 3D tv thing, but the DS...I think it's great.

sikbeta2869d ago

Totally, 3DS will sell like crazy and will Freely Promote 3D, everyone will jump into 3D, that's why Sony is Happy about the 3DS...

HolyOrangeCows2869d ago

Their Microsoft Keynote Review Score: 6/10
"Every single Kinect title shown was cringe-worthy and Nintendo’s Wii had these titles years ago"

BadCircuit2869d ago

I liked the new 360 (but why does it still have a disc tray?) and the Star Wars Kinect.

A few of the games...

I've always been a fan of Nintendo, so 3DS is something I'd like- but they need to move the analogue or d pad to the other side! Better yet: two analogue pads!

Godem2869d ago

Oh i have to agree there, Why the hell did they still put a disc tray in the damn machine? This was their chance!!!!!

meh, Nintendo ruled this year.

BadCircuit2869d ago

Yeah but it's true that Nintendo rely too much on their old cast of characters. Let's make a new game; who do we put in it? Oh donkey kong! Kirby!

Godem2869d ago

also true there mate, Although honestly, I think the appeal for a new character from Nintendo wouldn't succeed like the others would, simply because I think the fan base wouldn't care? I hope that makes sense?

gaminoz2869d ago

yeah the disc tray thing was a stupid choice: must have been cost? Look at that video on the net where the guy accidentally moved the new 360 S and killed the Alan Wake disc...

Shnazzyone2869d ago

Nintendo should have been bumped up 1 point for remaking OOT in 3d and MGS 3d, not to mention street fighter VI and saints row.The lineup for 3ds couldn't even be covered it was so huge.

Sony should be brought down 1 point for wasting the first 30 minutes pimping their 3d tvs and showing us their new ad campaigns... I CAN'T PLAY AN AD CAMPAIGN!!! It makes me shudder to think of the exclusive content for PSN+. MORE ADS!!!

Belgavion2869d ago

Sony's was still a little stale, as it has been for years. There's something really clinical about their E3 events.
Nintendo totally delivered.

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