WorthPlaying Preview: DarkSector, Release Date Jan 08

Every significant game eventually breeds a series of imitators, and just as Resident Evil 4 helped beget Gears of War, Epic's smash shooter is paving the way for several other games, including D3Publisher of America's Dark Sector. Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, but the term carries with it an inherent negative connotation, as the imitator is perceived to be lacking in originality. But if a game can bring enough to the formula to truly set it apart from its inspiration, it can drop that moniker, becoming its own beast and earning respect and admiration in the process. Gears of War did it with aplomb; can Dark Sector do the same?

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Released: 24 August 2007
Category: Third Person Shooter
Age: No Classification at this time
Publisher: D3 Publisher