PlayStation Home: New Screens Show Big Changes

With Brighton positively swimming under a bobbing sea of developers for this year's Develop conference in the UK, it's hard to keep track of all the information morsels whizzing around. For instance, during a workshop hosted by Sony's Home development team yesterday, a couple of new screens snuck out, alongside affirmation of some minor changes to the software.

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Daz3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Looks great. i properly wont use it much but its worth a go.

Edit: What is ther to disagree with?

aiphanes3792d ago

This would be cool. A water park in Home!

Maybe even a Zoo..

Maybe even some mountains where you can go skiing and rock climbing...

Salvadore3792d ago

If I get a PS3, I sure will spend most of my time in Home looking for sensible people to play games with.

VaeVictus3792d ago

I agree, this should help weed out the people that you don't want to play with. I am very interested in the file sharing between consoles that is supposed to be implemented with this as well. Hurry up and release it already.

timmyp533792d ago

yea its really great how u can let ppl view all the stuff on your harddrive. its not neccessarily file sharing (thats illegal).. i'm only going over pplz house for dvd rip mp4s =)

UncleJaysus3791d ago

File sharing isn't illegal; sharing copyrighted works is.

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The story is too old to be commented.