PocketGamer Impressions: Metal Gear Solid

There's a trailer for the new game online, and it looks fantastic. Solid Snake lurking behind a wall looks better than PSone quality, and to be honest not far off PS2. It looks like the game will be jampacked with atmospheric cut-scenes too.So why isn't PocketGamer jumping for joy just yet? Firstly, it's only confirmed for a Japanese release so far, including a specially branded MGS handset from Sony Ericsson which the game will be preloaded on...But PocketGamer will reserve judgement on how good a mobile Metal Gear Solid game can be until we've actually played it. Will the controls be too fiddly on a phone, or will Konami rework the game in a similar vein to what Eidos did with Tomb Raider Legend, to make it play well?

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Vojkan4130d ago

Yes it looks good but Mobile games are only popular in Japan, that is why i think this should also go on PSP or even DS if DS can handle it.